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Order Fulfillment for Startups

Scale your logistics with ShipMonk’s fulfillment services and inventory management software without wasting your time or money.


You’ve worked relentlessly to bring your idea to life and are now at the stage of scaling your business model. We understand how important it is to get off to a good start and surround yourself with like-minded people who share your passion for growing a business. Not long ago, ShipMonk was in an accelerator program and battling the challenges of growing a startup successfully.

In order to ensure you achieve maximum success, you’ll need a sound shipping and logistics strategy. ShipMonk was developed to help businesses focus on building their brand and achieve next-level growth through revolutionary order fulfillment services and software. With S4S, our business hasn’t had to change much because marketing to startups is not a tactic, it’s just who we are.

Why Apply?

Huge Cost Savings

We know what ‘lean’ means and the difficulties of functioning with cash flow constraints, so we priced our S4S program with that in mind.

  • Waived Minimum Pick and Pack Fee for the first 3 months
  • 20% off pick and pack for 6 months
  • Free inventory management software with unlimited users
  • No contract; end at any time

Industry Leading Software

Our proprietary software allows you to optimize your supply chain by offering various features including 30+ shipping options, intelligent storage, custom API integration and much more.

Logistics Mentorship

We’re your 1-on-1 shipping and logistics expert who is readily available to offer valuable insight in terms of supply chain management, sourcing boxes, choosing the right shipping options, and anything else logistics related.

GSD (Get Shit Done) Attitude

We’re hands on, move quickly and love making the impossible possible.

Save Time

Our proprietary software allows you to optimize your supply chain by offering various features including 30+ shipping options, intelligent storage, custom API integration and much more.

Who is eligible for the S4S program?

  1. Incubators, Accelerators and Seed Venture Capital Firms.
  2. Early-stage startup that is either working with or has recently graduated from an accelerator or incubator program.

Onboarding Process

We don’t want to bullsh*t you with a custom onboarding process because the truth is we don’t have a custom onboarding process for startups. You’ll be treated with A+ service like all of our other customers when you are assigned a dedicated Happiness Engineer who is readily available with answers, solutions and improvements to your supply chain logistics.

Feel free to read more about our onboarding process or how order fulfillment works.

Getting Started

If ShipMonk sounds like the perfect match and you're ready to make the best decision of your logistics life, simply fill out the form below and someone from our team will follow up in no time.


Absolutely! We know how important building your brand is and custom packaging is an amazing opportunity that can greatly enhance your customer’s perception of your product and brand.

Custom boxes will be billed as a promotional insert for each order.

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When fulfilling subscription boxes or crowdfunding orders, we set up an assembly line to kit “batches” of orders.

A batch is a unique set of orders that have exactly the same combination of items in them.

In order for the assembly line to be effective, there needs to be at least 50 orders in each batch. If not, there is a $15 batching fee to compensate for the lack of orders in each batch.

Yes! ShipMonk has gift message options that allow you to easily include messages and bestow "gift status" to any order.

Here are the 3 options to choose from:

1) Include gift message on the Packing Slip. - Free

2) Include gift message on a blank 4x6 card provided by ShipMonk. ($1)

3) Include gift message on a custom 4x6 card, provided by you - $0.80 + insert pick fee. 

*Gift messaging needs to be supported by your shopping cart.

No. ShipMonk offers free receiving for our customers if they follow carefully prepared guidelines created by our team. We are always here to make things easier, so we will help you prepare your shipment to comply with our receiving guidelines.

Our Happiness Engineers will examine your products and suggest custom packaging based on on your specific needs. If you have pre-exsiting requirements, just let us know and we'll accomodate those as well. We do charge an additional $.50/item for bubble pouches or other fragile packaging.

To justify the amount of time and energy we put into each project, we have a monthly minimum pick and pack fee of $250. If you don’t reach this minimum with your picking fees, we will add the rest to your monthly invoice. Let’s say your picking fees are $160, and the minimum is $250. That means you would have to pay the $90 difference.

We don’t do this to put pressure on you, but it’s a fair assurance that your projections are honest. Your minimum monthly fee equals the storage charges per month.

When you store your inventory at ShipMonk, you have two options to insure your product:

1) You add our location to your insurance policy
2) You choose to waive inventory insurance

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the setup of your business and the value of your product, you can decide which option is best for your business.

A special project is a non-standard task that can still include everything from kitting & assembly to labeling or inventory reconciliation. All special projects should be submitted to your Happiness Engineer, so they can define the scope and provide a quote for the project prior to execution.