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How it Works

Logistics, ecommerce fulfillment, B2B & retail distribution, and many other aspects of fulfillment are complex and costly disciplines to master. That’s why we created ShipMonk! Our best-in-class software and fulfillment platform helps you stress less and grow more. Follow our step-by-step guide to see how we’ll simplify your fulfillment process with hyper-efficient picking and packing, fine-tuned shipping services, and custom API integrations.

  • Your Brand is Soaring, But Your Operations Are Struggling

    You’ve done the hard work of building a strong brand with amazing products and are actively scaling your sales and marketing programs. Your Shopify/ecommerce website is crushing it. You may even be considering scaling your B2B and retail distribution to selling directly into big box stores like Target, Amazon, or Walmart. All those scenarios are great challenges to have as a growing brand, but the problem that keeps coming up is the sheer amount of time and money involved with scaling your fulfillment and shipping operations. Without the infrastructure, carrier discounts, location coverage, technology, and experienced logistics staff to expertly manage order fulfillment, you’re probably looking at major setbacks in terms of shipping speed and costs. That’s where working with a trusted 3PL partner like ShipMonk is a game-changer for the next growth phase of your business.

Step 1

Manufacture Your Products and Ship to Our Worldwide Fulfillment Centers

Your ShipMonk journey begins with your supplier shipping products to one of ShipMonk’s twelve 1st party fulfillment centers, spread out internationally across the USA, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. Splitting your inventory is a breakthrough option ShipMonk offers that vastly improves your costs, delivery speeds, and improved customer satisfaction. If you choose to split inventory, ShipMonk will automatically select the warehouse that gives you the quickest delivery time at the best price. Best of all, our team of fulfillment experts (“Happiness Engineers”) can help you arrange freight shipments while utilizing our volume discounts to save time and money with various shipping carriers. Our Virtual Carrier Network further eliminates shipping stress by perpetually ensuring orders are delivered on-time at the best possible rate.

Step 2

Sync Your Stores for Omnichannel Fulfillment

ShipMonk’s award-winning 3PL software integrates with 75+ plug-and-play ecommerce shopping carts, marketplaces, and solution providers. Eliminate the need for time-consuming manual work as our system automatically syncs orders, inventory, returns, and more!

Step 3

Inventory is Received and Quality Control Checks Ensure Product Accuracy

Once your products are delivered to one of our technology-driven fulfillment centers, we’ll induct them into inventory in the ShipMonk platform. During that process, our 3PL team takes photos and precise measurements of every SKU to ensure the highest level of quality control, optimizing your shipping costs.

Step 4

Surprise and Delight with Custom Packaging Options

Unboxing is a critical part of your brand experience, so we take order packaging as seriously as you take your product design. Before orders are shipped, our 3PL teams verify that we meet each brand and product’s unique specifications. Have custom packaging? No problem! ShipMonk prides itself on maintaining flexibility to meet every brand’s guidelines, whether that be in the form of gift messaging, promotional inserts, branded stickers, custom boxes, dunnage, or whatever else you can dream up. Whatever your brand guidelines, we’ll make sure every ordered good arrives to your customers the way you envisioned!

Step 5

Leverage Superior Shipping Rates with ShipMonk’s Virtual Carrier Network

Our extensive background in the shipping industry and our one-of-a-kind Virtual Carrier Network (VCN) enable us to provide elite-level service at superior rates from the world’s most reliable shipping carriers. ShipMonk’s VCN guarantees orders are delivered as fast as possible at the best cost possible, every time. This advanced, adaptable hybrid between a transportation management system and a rate shopping strategy removes the guesswork and workarounds of other costly third-party systems. Best of all? It’s included for all clients with the ShipMonk platform from day one!

Step 6

Keep Customers Informed with Branded Tracking

Once your order ships, ShipMonk’s platform takes care of sending an automated confirmation email to your customer. This email contains all the necessary tracking details, ensuring that your customer stays well-informed and up-to-date regarding their upcoming delivery. But that’s not all – ShipMonk goes the extra mile with its branded tracking pages. This unique feature empowers clients to customize their shipping status pages, opening up opportunities to drive repeat sales through additional promotions, featured products, and more!

Step 7

Your Customer’s Order is Delivered!

The moment of truth. Your order has delivered! We know this is your brand’s time to shine, and we’ve built our fulfillment process to ensure that happens. For those times when ship happens, we’ve got you covered with our post-purchase suite MonkProtect™.

Step 8

Dominate the Post-Purchase Experience with MonkProtect

Though ShipMonk has an industry-leading 99% picking accuracy rate and partners with the best shipping carriers, sometimes mistakes and damage happen. If they do, we have your back during this critical time. Failed order deliveries and damaged products can cost your business profit, but how those issues are handled can cost your brand its reputation and returning customers a fortune. That’s why we created MonkProtect, a post-purchase toolkit that relieves the burden on your customers while eliminating costly company support hours and reshipment efforts. With ShipMonk’s automated claims portal, you and your customers can file, track, and resolve claims directly and easily.

Step 9

Easy and Cost-Effective Returns

Sometimes, the story doesn’t stop at “delivered.” ShipMonk offers a bevy of reverse logistics options to help you control costs and drive customer satisfaction on returned orders. Our customizable returns solutions are designed to best fit your needs and ensure that returns are neither time-consuming nor costly. The result? Your customers have the best possible experience while your bottom line remains protected.

Step 10

ShipMonk Fulfills All Your Fulfillment Needs

Modern 3PL fulfillment centers aren’t just focused on receiving your inventory and shipping to your customers. They’re about empowering your business’s growth through multiple sales channels, bolstering your distribution opportunities, providing complete control over your real-time inventory, and ultimately, ensuring the complete satisfaction of your customers. ShipMonk does all this and more with our exceptional offering of technology, experience, and ecommerce expertise. Learn more about our advanced 3PL software and how we can help your brand grow today!

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