Virtual Carrier Network (VCN) by ShipMonk

Along with the ShipMonk ecommerce fulfillment platform, you can also optimize your shipping program with ShipMonk’s Virtual Carrier Network. This no-cost feature allows you to capture shipping savings with an expanded shipping network and three carrier-agnostic methods. Instead of being locked into set, single carrier rates, you’ll now have the option to leverage ShipMonk’s VCN, which gives you a perfect blend of options and reliable delivery against cost.

Ship Smarter and Save More with ShipMonk’s VCN

  • ShipMonk 2-Day

    2 days

  • ShipMonk Standard

    2-5 days

  • ShipMonk Economy

    3-7 days

The VCN enables you to leverage ShipMonk shipping methods based on your preferred delivery speed; providing added savings and flexibility, while mitigating risk. This service is available for US domestic deliveries.

  • Virtual Carrier Network Benefits

    • Leverage ShipMonk’s buying power for discounted shipping costs
    • More predictable spend and analysis capabilities
    • Carrier-agnostic deliveries and standardized methods
    • Shipping performance metrics
    • Managed allocation by carrier capacity constraints
    • Effortless shipping mapping
    • Also available for continental Europe
    No-Cost Feature
  • How Does ShipMonk VCN Work?

    ShipMonk’s Virtual Carrier Network utilizes an expanded network of shipping carriers to add cost flexibility and minimize capacity risks to your fulfillment program. By utilizing our VCN, you’ll leverage our advanced technology that finds a shipment’s optimal pricing against its desired delivery time. You’ve got options with ShipMonk’s VCN! You’re no longer bound to one carrier and the associated risk of their delivery networks. Our platform solves the challenges of carrier selection. We’ll manage it on your behalf and you’ll have complete visibility along the way!


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