ShipMonk’s Commitment to Your Brand’s Security

Whether we’re protecting our clients’ private data or their inventory, ShipMonk goes above and beyond to ensure the ecommerce brands we have the privilege to work with are always secure. We’re talking Fort Knox, Buckingham Palace, Coca Cola secret recipe secure. Think we’re exaggerating? We’re happy to prove just the opposite. From installing in-depth cybersecurity measures to living up to formidable FDA mantles, we’re dedicated to doing what’s right so we can do right by you. Continue below for more about our company’s compliance with various types of safety and security standards.

ShipMonk Certificates

  • SOC Compliance Certification

    Let’s be frank; we live in a world where sometimes it feels like your private data is a lone mouse in the forest—trying to stay hidden but ever-vulnerable to some ever-vigilant falcon waiting to snatch it up. At ShipMonk, we take that threat seriously and make it a priority to safeguard all data associated with your business at every turn. Discover how our company is committed to staying up-to-date on the highest levels of security certifications, including SOC Compliance and SOC 2 Type I Certification.

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  • Facility Compliance and Certification

    There are two big acronyms in the food and beverage industry: FDA and GFSI. In terms of ecommerce, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has high-level safety standards that all facilities holding foods for consumption must follow. Meanwhile, the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) has its own food safety management systems to protect consumers and the companies catering to them. Explore the ins and outs of these different safety measures and how ShipMonk is committed to complying with them.

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“From digital security, to trust, to real-world audits of our facilities, ShipMonk actively takes transparent action to ensure your brand, services, and products are carefully managed.”

Matěj Smíšek

VP of Engineering