European Ecommerce Fulfillment with ShipMonk

With ShipMonk’s European Fulfillment Center, DTC brands with high-growth ambitions can perfect their shipping and fulfillment strategies in a market of 750 million prospective customers. Located along the Czech-German border, our Cheb-based fulfillment center provides easy access to the European Union. Eliminate time-consuming customs clearances while providing exceptional margin savings and rapid delivery times. Better yet? Domestic-like rates and delivery times mean increased conversion rates and a superior customer experience.

Looking for Best-in-Class European Union Fulfillment?

  • European Union Ecommerce Fulfillment

    ShipMonk Europe opens the door for thriving DTC brands to plant their flag on the European continent. In addition to our eight US-based fulfillment centers (as well as locations in Canada, Mexico, and the UK), merchants can now leverage ShipMonk’s European facility to affordably expand their operations globally, offering best-in-class service, reduced shipping rates, and faster delivery times.

  • A Massive Market of Untapped Customers

    With ShipMonk Europe, your brand can reach customers across the expansive European ecommerce market, which includes three of the world’s largest ecommerce markets, and is expected to be worth over a trillion dollars by 2026. ShipMonk Europe unlocks access and the potential for significant business growth.

  • New Continent, Same ShipMonk

    We brought our fulfillment platform and advanced transportation management strategy to Europe! Leverage the power of ShipMonk’s fulfillment platform to manage your inventory, no matter if your goods are in one warehouse or multiple. With ShipMonk’s Virtual Carrier Network, you select the speed at which you want your package delivered, and we handle the rest. We’ll ensure that orders are delivered on time at the best possible rates.

Average Savings on Shipping
1lb+ packages International Standard from the US compared to Standard EU.
Cutting Delivery Speed from
14 Days to 2-5 Days
International Standard from the US compared to Standard EU.

Leverage ShipMonk’s Powerful Fulfillment Platform

  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Delivered Duty Paid
  • & More!

Expand Your Brand’s Reach and Acquire New Customers

ShipMonk Europe offers lower shipping costs and faster transit times, driving increased conversion rates and satisfied customers. ShipMonk makes it easy for your brand to go global.

FAQ About European Union Fulfillment

  • How can I use the Europe Fulfillment Center?

    ShipMonk clients are eligible for European fulfillment center services. To get started, .

  • Are there any goods I can’t have in the European facility?

    Building and carrier regulations may prohibit some goods from being stored and shipped in the ShipMonk Cheb fulfillment center. Common examples of prohibited goods include:
    -Corrosive/Incendiary Devices
    -Dangerous Goods (sprays, toxic substance, caustics)
    -Illegal Commodities (drugs, counterfeits, ivories, including any derivatives of cannabidiols /”CBDs”)
    -Perishable Goods
    -Precious Metals
    If your business requires storage/shipment for goods that are sensitive or unusual, please check with the ShipMonk team to confirm whether your goods can be stored in and shipped from our fulfillment centers.

  • Can I ship outside of the European Union?

    ShipMonk Europe will be able to ship to all of Europe, including to countries outside of the EU.

  • Can I still ship to the UK, or do I have to use ShipMonk’s UK fulfillment center?

    ShipMonk Europe offers service to any international location. Following “Brexit”, the UK is no longer a member of the EU, so any orders going to the UK must follow the traditional customs clearance process. Consider adding ShipMonk UK to your fulfillment network to serve your British customers.

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