Now servicing clients from 12 fulfillment centers, including continental Europe & the UK!

Customer testimonials

  • We’ve used multiple different fulfillment partners and they all sucked. There were always issues and it was always top of mind for me as a founder to check on the 3PL. ShipMonk is the first fulfillment partner I have trusted. Not having to focus on fulfillment and overseeing a 3PL has allowed me to focus and scale my business like never before. We are saving a ton of money, time, energy and effort by using ShipMonk, switching over to them was a blessing! I love ShipMonk!!

    Taylor Offer
    FEAT Socks
  • “Using ShipMonk has enabled us to focus on the stuff that matters. We get very personalized service and great treatment in all areas of the business.”

    Jacques Touillon
    Founder & CEO at Airboxlab
  • “We love the personal customer service ShipMonk provides.”

    Nicholas & Alessia Galekovic
    Founders of BEARD KING
  • “It was so f*ing easy. ShipMonk was the only part of the supply chain that I was able to go with Plan A. Everything else was much more difficult and we we’re always coming up with an alternative to our original plan.”

    The airhook
    Craig Rabin
    Inventor of The Airhook
  • “ShipMonk has been absolutely incredible to work with! They are available 24/7 to answer questions and have bent over backwards to help make our customers happy. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

    Katherine Krug
    Founder at BetterBack
  • “ShipMonk has helped us grow in ways that would never be possible without their help. Their expertise in every step of the fulfillment process – from inventory management to packaging and shipping – has been, and continues to be, invaluable.”

    Dorian Wagner
    Founder of CatLadyBox
  • “We’ve been using Shipmonk for about 2 months and outsourcing our shipping needs to them has been of great help. Their web interface is easy to use and their customer service is very quick to reply. We highly recommend them!”

    Carla Schwabe
  • “ShipMonk has been such an instrumental part in making my growing business a success. For someone who has never worked with a fulfillment center, ShipMonk really walked me through the entire process with transparency. They are responsive, timely and dedicated to making my company look good. They also understand the startup world which is a big plus. I really enjoy working the them!”

    Founder at Curls Understood
  • “Absolutely AMAZING service with the folks at Shipmonk. We run our business from Canada so we actually never saw the facility but believe me, we couldn’t have better partners. We actually just visited them for the first time last week and it felt like I was in my own warehouse. Awesome guys and they’ll do anything to make things right. Highly recommended and absolutely vetted.”

    Co-Founder, LaRitzy
  • “Been using ShipMonk for months for our box’s fulfillment and they’ve been fantastic! Easy to set up with, happy to grow as we do, and consistently save us many hours of work every month.”

    Daniil K
    Founder, calmbox
  • “ShipMonk has literally taken the entire burden of fulfillment off of our hands. Great service, lots of expertise and sharp pricing and it saves us hundreds if not thousands of hours a year.”

    e-rental society group
    Quinn Roukema
    Business Development Director, e-Retail Society Group
  • “Moving our business to Shipmonk was one of the best things we did in 2016. With Shipmonk we were able to really accelerate our growth, while still maintaining our high standards for fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Shipmonk’s team is reliable, fast-acting, and smart — we couldn’t ask for a better partner!”

    Color clutch
    Katharine Contag
    Founder at Color Clutch
  • “ShipMonk is starting off well! We are enjoying the experience and grateful to everyone who is taking all our phone calls!”

    Beatrice Espada
    Founder at the honey pot
  • “ShipMonk has been a great partner for my business. They are attentive, helpful, and understand the needs of a growing eCommerce business. They are consistently making an effort to streamline processes to make it easier for the businesses they work with. BuddhiBox is looking forward to growing alongside them in the years to come.”

    Maxine Garcia
    Founder at BuddhiBox
  • “I wanted to take the time to express how impressed I am with Shipmonk. Rarely do you see a CEO take the time to reach out. Additionally, the support staff has been answering all of my newbie questions with incredible patience and making me feel welcome. It’s refreshing to work with a company who actually cares what its customers think. It’s one thing to talk about great customer support in tag lines and on hold messages, but Shipmonk delivers on that promise every day. And yes you can quote me on that.”

    Brad Boyink
    President at GeekMyTree, Inc.