Delivered Duty Paid

Every retailer knows that international shipping can get complicated – especially when customers have to pay unexpected fees upon delivery of their package. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Brands that implement a landed cost solution reduce customer support issues by a whopping 60% and see 30% higher conversions. Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) used to be difficult to implement and scale. Now we have a solution that can integrate with your storefront in 15 minutes, so you can benefit from higher conversions and happier customers immediately.

International shipping can be tricky with duties, fees, and customs delays, but we have an elegant solution – one that increases conversions, eliminates unexpected fees, and creates happier customers.

To make the experience as smooth as possible, our end-to-end landed cost solution integrates seamlessly with your storefront. Now your customers can see and pay the full price at checkout – including shipping, tax, and duty – as well as their expected delivery timeframe. And the benefits don’t end there.

Once an order is fulfilled, your customer receives a beautifully branded tracking experience, giving you an opportunity to re-market to them and promote your social media. Throughout the fulfillment process, your customers will receive status updates as needed to ensure they receive their order successfully. Plus, if they have any questions regarding their international shipment, their questions are answered by our high-touch customer service team.


Is your brand a good fit for
a landed cost solution?

  • Do you ship internationally?
  • Is your average order value over $30 USD?
  • Do you care deeply about customer experience?


If you answered YES to at least two of the above, your brand is likely an ideal candidate for our landed cost solution.

Benefits of our landed cost solution:

  • Increased international conversion rates
  • Better customer experience during checkout and post-purchase
  • Reduction in customer support issues
  • Happier international customers
  • Decrease delays and packages held at customs
  • Branded tracking experience with re-marketing capabilities
  • Display and charge customers for duties and taxes – no surprises or hidden costs
  • Proactive delivery exception handling
  • High-touch customer service for international shipments
  • Virtually eliminate package refusals upon delivery

The process


Create your account with ShipMonk, and request Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Services.


Send us your HTS codes or product descriptions.


Our software displays real-time duties and taxes on your checkout page for international shipments, which your customer happily pays upfront.


Ship all of your inventory to ShipMonk.


Order is shipped via ShipMonk with a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) label.


Your customer receives their tracking number via your beautifully branded post-purchase experience where they can see your social media and promotions.


If your customer has questions about their international order, our high-touch support team answers the inquiry – saving you time!


The package is processed through customs smoothly because tax and duties are already paid.


Your customer gets your product and is happy they didn’t have to pay additional fees to receive their delivery. 🙂


You keep selling, and we help you create more loyal customers!



The difference in customer experience

delivered duty paid or delivered duty unpaid ddu

Why you should consider Delivered Duty Paid for International Shipping

  • Increased conversion rates

    Customers ordering internationally often have doubts about their orders arriving on time (or at all). Many international orders are stuck in customs with lengthy delays. And when customers are surprised with extra duties and fees upon delivery, they may refuse delivery and send it back to you. Erase this concern by charging your customs for all duties and fees upfront. We’ve seen conversion increased by 30% when retailers implement our landed cost solution.

  • Reduced customer support issues

    When customers are notified that their package is at the post office awaiting additional payment for duties, they may reject the package, causing a chargeback for your company. Or they may call or email you to resolve the issue. All of these issues can be avoided if packages are cleared to the customer’s door with DDP. We’ve seen support tickets reduced by up to 60% for international orders. And it virtually eliminates packages refused upon delivery!

  • Optimized checkout experience

    Displaying duties and fees upfront is a great way to answer a customer’s question before they have to ask. This helps eliminates pre-purchase inquiries to your customer service team. It also demonstrates to savvy shoppers that your company is trustworthy and transparent.

  • Better post-purchase experience

    After the order is fulfilled, your customers will be able to track their package until it is delivered safely to their address. Our team of international shipping experts will directly handle all inquiries about the package during this stage, so you don’t have to. If delivery exceptions occur, we notify the customer to mitigate delays. Every step of the post-purchase experience has been intentionally designed to create happier international customers. We’re committed to helping you create loyal advocates of your brand.

  • Your biggest competitors already do it

    The biggest ecommerce retailers and the top customer-centric brands already offer landed cost solutions. Why? They understand the value to their customers – and to their brand’s bottom line. Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, ThirdLove, Gap, Target, Warby Parker, and Bed Bath & Beyond are just a handful of global brands who already use fully landed cost solutions.


    Delivery Protection

    Pick. Pack. Ship. Protect. MonkProtect’s Delivery Protection, Automated Claims Portal, and Branded Tracking Page help ensure an unbeatable post-purchase experience for your customers.



  • display-duties-and-fees-at-checkout@2x

    Display duties and fees
    at checkout

    Display duties, taxes, and shipping at checkout, so your customers pay all associated costs upfront. This ensures there are no surprises or hidden costs for your valued customers.

  • branded-tracking-experience@2x

    Branded tracking experience

    Our order tracking portal allows you to customize the post-purchase experience with your branding. Use this opportunity to re-market to your customers and promote your social media.

  • proactive-exception-handling@2x

    Proactive exception

    We proactively email customers about all exceptions (such as attempted deliveries, delays, and wrong addresses) to proactively mitigate them. This saves you considerable service costs – while ensuring your customers feel cared for.

  • high-touch-customer-service@2x

    High-touch customer

    The live-chat icon on every tracking page directs all questions about international shipments to our high-touch customer support team. This saves you precious time while our experts create a world-class experience for your customers.

Did you know?

ShipMonk has helped many well-known businesses scale to the global marketplace even before we began providing fulfillment services. We began as an international package-forwarding center and we’re still running operations out of South Florida… but now with many more industry-leading services up our sleeves, plus a few more fulfillment centers to boot! With ShipMonk, there’s no additional cost to ship internationally and we provide customs assistance. We also help with paperwork and all the other logistics stuff you shouldn’t have to worry about. Because we created ShipMonk to help you Stress Less and Grow More!