Tomorrow’s technology,
today’s fulfillment

As strange as it sounds, we don’t consider ourselves a fulfillment company. ShipMonk is a tech-first solutions provider that delivers amazing customer experiences through fulfillment services. Anyone who has seen our software and toured our facility knows exactly what this means and for those of you don’t know…keep scrolling.

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    Bigger, Faster, Stronger Picking

    We’ve gone to great lengths to implement the most advanced technology to optimize our picking efforts. Pick to light and pick by voice are both useful and highly-effective solutions, but we wanted to take things to (literally) another level. In 2017, we installed the first ecommerce storage and retrieval machines (SRMs) in the USA. These SRMs were designed to increase productivity, optimize space utilization, improve ergonomics, boost throughput, enhance product security and increase overall efficiency.


    • Pick 4x faster than the industry average
    • 99.99% picking accuracy
    • 400% increase in storage efficiency


    • Later cut-off times to ship orders out
    • Fewer returns and reshipments
    • Cost-effective storage options
  • Rfid

    RFID, yeah you know me!

    For those unfamiliar with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, it uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags attached to objects. In short, it’s a barcode, but much better. Each storage location is equipped with an RFID tag to ensure we know exactly where your products are 100% of the time. The moment your products are moved for picking or replenishment, the system will automatically adjust the number of items in the location.

    • 100%
    • 100%
    • 100%
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    Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence are not just buzzwords

    Our customers see a simple, easy to use interface, but behind the scenes is a complex system of algorithms to progressively improve warehouse performance on each task. We have systems in place to optimize picking routes, determine products are properly packaged and QC checkpoints throughout the entire fulfillment process. We’re constantly looking for new ways to utilize the latest technologies to improve our operations even more.

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    Laser Precision

    Tape measures and scales are so yesterday. Each one of our warehouses is equipped with a dimensioning and weighing system called Cubiscan. Using infrared technology, the Cubiscan machines gives us the power to quickly measure and weigh products on the fly.

    • Dead-on product dimensions
    • Optimized storage locations
    • Reduction in packaging waste
    • Reduced carbon emissions