Warehouse Automation for Ecommerce Fulfillment

At its heart, ShipMonk is a tech company. We’re convinced that technology is a crucial first principle to deliver best-in-class fulfillment services. We combine our advanced 3PL software with the best automation, robotics, and machinery on the market to drive lightning-speed order fulfillment and inventory accuracy. The outcome? Bankable savings to your business’s bottom line and a best-in-class delivery experience to your customers.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence:
Not Just Buzzwords

On its user interface, ShipMonk’s fulfillment software is intuitive and easy to use — we built it that way! Behind the scenes, we’ve incorporated complex algorithms to progressively improve the performance and efficiencies of our fulfillment centers. From picking routes to quality control checkpoints, automatic slotting, and predictive packaging, we’re constantly enhancing our systems to get orders to your customers faster with the highest level of accuracy at the lowest cost.

  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Delivered Duty Paid
  • & More!

Laser Precision

Tape measures and scales are so yesterday. Each one of our warehouses is equipped with a dimensioning and weighing system called Cubiscan. Using infrared technology, the Cubiscan machines gives us the power to quickly measure and weigh products on the fly.

  • Dead-on Product Dimensions
  • Optimized Storage Locations
  • Reduction in Packaging Waste
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • Robots Everywhere!

    Robotics are a part of our daily lives and ShipMonk’s advanced 3PL facilities are no different. Leveraging tote destackers, automated mobile robot (AMR) pickers, carton erectors, automatic labelers, and high-speed sortation robots, we’ve integrated robotics throughout our processes to increase efficiency and output while maintaining the highest levels of quality and accuracy. The result? Faster, more accurate fulfillment operations that drive client costs down.

    ShipMonk - Locus Case Study
    How ShipMonk is able to fulfill over 1 MILLION packages each month!
  • Automated Conveyors Drive Speed & Efficiency

    We’ve built thousands of feet of automated conveyor belts around our distribution centers. These automated conveyors quickly transfer goods from one section of a warehouse to another to drive fast and efficient order fulfillment.

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