B2B & Retail Fulfillment

With ShipMonk’s B2B fulfillment suite, we help growing brands quickly master the complex challenges of retail distribution and wholesale fulfillment. Our state-of-the-art EDI-compliant technology empowers you to harness the scale of B2B capabilities so that you can “stress less and grow more!”

B2B Fulfillment Capabilities

  • Multiple Retailer Support with EDI Integration
  • Freight Management
  • Multiple Small Parcel Delivery Options Including ShipMonk 2-Day
  • 3rd Party Shipping Accounts
  • Routing Guideline Compliance
  • Consolidation & Breaking Bulk

Automate Your B2B & Retail Fulfillment with ShipMonk

  • Step 1


    Connect your Retail Partners through EDI and your ecommerce Marketplaces though any of our 75+ integrations.

  • Step 2

    Store Your Inventory

    Store your products in one or more of our first party tech enabled fulfillment centers.

  • Step 3

    Receive Orders into the ShipMonk Platform

    Orders placed by your customers or retail partners are imported into ShipMonk via integrations.

  • Step 4

    ShipMonk Fulfills the Order

    We pick, prep, pack, and ship the order to the retailer or end-customer.

Fulfillment Features

  • Fulfillment at Scale

    We support your growth as you enter or expand your B2B wholesale program. Whether you’re shipping 300 units to yourself or 300,000 units to a big box retailer, ShipMonk can handle the job. You send us the order, and we leverage our technology and know-how to fulfill the order efficiently.

  • Technology That Powers Your Growth

    Selling to retailers can take your ecommerce business’ growth to the next level. To do this effectively, you need a partner who is not just EDI compliant but also well versed in the world of B2B fulfillment. ShipMonk has the technical expertise and a wealth of experience working with a multitude of retailers allowing you to expand your B2B business while we fulfill your retail orders.

  • Meet Retailer Requirements with Routing Compliance

    B2B fulfillment demands precision. We’ll match the precise requirements of your retail/wholesale partner to ensure orders are: prepped, packed, labeled, palletized, and shipped to their standards. ShipMonk’s powerful B2B fulfillment capabilities simplifies outlining these requirements and ensures our team preps every order correctly.

Optimize Bulk Shipping with Freight Management

Efficiently overseeing your brand’s inbound and outbound freight shipments can be both timely and costly responsibility. As an authorized freight broker, ShipMonk can arrange domestic and international freight transportation services though our network of experienced, trustworthy providers. With ShipMonk managing your freight, your goods will get where they need to go, reliably, on-time, and at the best price.

  • Special Projects for Your Unique Needs

    We get it. Growing businesses almost always have needs in the form of special projects. Potentially you need us to repackage your goods. Maybe you need an inventory count knocked out. Perhaps you need to kit multiple SKUs into one bundle. Sometimes huge opportunities hit, and you need help building master cases for retail. No matter the ask, ShipMonk’s Special Project team is here to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • Expand Your Offering with Retail Dropshipping

    Any opportunity to sell your products and get your brand out there is a good one. ShipMonk has the know-how to automate your EDI-based drop-shipping process allowing you to focus on growing your business while we handle the fulfillment.

  • Best-in-Class Support from Expert Happiness Engineers

    Fulfillment, shipping, and logistics are complicated disciplines to master, so it helps to have a qualified expert who can show you the way. Meet our Happiness Engineers! Our team goes through extensive training on all-things-ecommerce-fulfillment to assist you with all your fulfillment needs. Think of them as your employees stationed at one of our warehouses. Whatever you need, they’ll be there for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Katharine Hill Contag
Rating 5 from 5

Katharine Contag

Founder at Color Clutch

Moving our business to ShipMonk was one of the best things we did in 2016. With Shipmonk we were able to really accelerate our growth, while still maintaining our high standards for fulfillment and customer satisfaction. ShipMonk’s team is reliable, fast-acting, and smart — we couldn’t ask for a better partner!

Rating 5 from 5

Craig Rabin

Inventory of The Airhook

It was so f*ing easy. ShipMonk was the only part of the supply chain that I was able to go with Plan A. Everything else was much more difficult and we we’re always coming up with an alternative to our original plan.

Rating 5 from 5

Jacques Touillon

Founder & CEO at Airboxlab

Using ShipMonk has enabled us to focus on the stuff that matters. We get very personalized service and great treatment in all areas of the business.

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