ShipMonk Press Kit

Curious about what goes into the world's leading modern 3PL? ShipMonk is a global omnichannel fulfillment partner for growing brands of all sizes across all verticals. But how did we build this empire, and what values, services, and solutions have evolved us to where we are now? Our press kit has the answers. Explore a concise look at our vision, approach to operations, technology, shipping, inventory, customer support, and end-to-end fulfillment. Also included is an overview of our brand guidelines along with logo files. This press kit has all the info you’re looking for, so download now!

ShipMonk press kit

Explore our press kit to learn about our brand, company and journey since 2014.

ShipMonk logo

The ShipMonk logo has a single, typographically based variant. The basic usage guidelines are outlined in the press kit.


When referring to ShipMonk, please ensure it is presented as a single word with both "Ship" and "Monk" capitalized. It should always be written as "ShipMonk," never as "Shipmonk," "shipmonk," or "Ship Monk."

Brand colors

To maintain a uniform visual style, these basic color definitions must be followed.

Navy Blue

RGB 42 / 49 / 65
HEX #2a3141
CMYK 85 / 70 / 48 / 52
Pantone 533 C

Fresh Green

RGB 20 / 170 / 60
HEX #14aa3c
CMYK 78 / 0 / 97 / 0
Pantone 354 C

Friendly legal reminder

These graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws. Please ensure their correct usage.

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