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Top Workplace Winner

ShipMonk Wins Sun Sentinel South Florida Top Workplaces Award

May 08, 2023 — At ShipMonk, we’re proud to help so many ecommerce brands shine in their individual industries. As an ecommerce fulfillment company, we couldn’t do that, and shine ourselves, without amazing team members. ShipMonk has incredible, hard working people across the globe contributing to our goal of being the industry’s leading ecommerce fulfillment company through innovative, efficient logistics solutions. In return, we work hard to ensure our company is a collaborative, positive place for them to thrive on a daily basis. So much so that we’ve been bestowed the 2023 Sun Sentinel Top Workplaces Award!

Being one of South Florida’s best places to work is a huge honor, especially since it comes directly from our staff. Sun Sentinel’s Top Workplaces lists are based solely on employee feedback gathered through an anonymous third-party survey administered by the employee engagement technology partner Energage LLC

Survey Says

The idea behind Energage’s survey is to measure employee engagement, improve retention and recruitment efforts, and pay homage to businesses that understand every company is only as strong as the individuals contributing to its daily operations. To determine workplace efficacy, Energage’s confidential survey uniquely measures 15 culture drivers that are critical to the success of any organization: including alignment, execution, and connection just to name a few.

“Earning a Top Workplaces award is a badge of honor for companies, especially because it comes authentically from their employees,” said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. “That’s something to be proud of. In today’s market, leaders must ensure they’re allowing employees to have a voice and be heard. That’s paramount. Top Workplaces do this, and it pays dividends.”

We’re in This Ship Together

Since 2014, ShipMonk has operated with a singular guiding principle: help ecommerce brands scale through technology-driven fulfillment solutions that enable entrepreneurs to devote more time to what matters most in their businesses. Put simply, here at ShipMonk we help ecommerce brands STRESS LESS and GROW MORE. But that mission doesn’t stop with clients. ShipMonk is committed to creating an environment where our employees can stress less and grow more too. We care about our team members across all our state-of-the-art fulfillment centers and beyond. Their hard work helps us thrive and their feedback fuels continuous improvement within our organization.

With that in mind, we want to thank the entire ShipMonk team, far and wide around the world, for honoring us with the Energage survey responses that earned us a Top Workplaces Award. As we continue growing, we’ll keep learning from the industry, and you, about how to best do business.

About Energage 

Energage is a purpose-driven group that helps organizations turn employee feedback into useful business intelligence while recognizing companies that put superior effort into fostering winning workplaces. Built on 16 years of culture research and results from 27 million employees surveyed across more than 70,000 organizations, Energage delivers the most accurate benchmark available. With access to a unique combination of patented analytic tools and expert guidance, Energage customers lead the competition with an engaged workforce and an opportunity to gain recognition for their people-first approach to culture. Their overall mission: Making the world a better place to work together.

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