Pick. Pack. Ship. Protect.

Lost, stolen, and damaged packages are breaking your customer’s trust and silently killing your store’s profitability. Challenges in this part of your funnel drive costs up while overall customer satisfaction plummets.

Meet the latest game-changing addition to ShipMonk platform: MonkProtect™! From startups to enterprises, MonkProtect empowers your business with a seamless post-purchase experience.

Transform Your Store’s Post-Purchase Funnel

Delivery Protection

Reduce customer friction over lost, damaged, or stolen packages.

  • Simple opt-in during customer checkout with fees starting at $0.97/order.
  • Seamless integration with the ShipMonk platform.

Branded Tracking Page

On average, a customer checks their order status 7 times. Why waste those views on a carrier’s website when they could be branded on yours?

  • Personalized on-site tracking bolsters customer impressions and delivery expectations.
  • Custom graphic options for seasonal promos, sales, and more!
  • Harvest the value of repeat order status visits into secondary purchases via promotional, loyalty, and referral discounts.

Automated Claims Portal

MonkProtect’s easy-to-use portal centralizes and automates all your claims. Drastically decrease Customer Support efforts and review only the claims that require your attention.

  • Customers accurately self-report any order issues.
  • Claims are automatically pushed for review and approval.
  • Once approved, merchants can opt for auto-reshipment via ShipMonk or choose to process a refund.


MonkProtect always makes sure your customer is up-to-date! Whether by confirming their package is protected, or in assisting them through our automated claims process, we’ll stay in touch via email-based updates to minimize the likelihood of further support tickets.

Order Processing with MonkProtect

MonkProtect easily integrates into your website to help you dominate your post-purchase experience.

  • Add to Cart
  • MonkProtect
  • Payment
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Delivery
  • File a Claim

The Benefits

Delivery Protection

We’ll reimburse the cost of any lost MonkProtected orders.

Increased Revenue Stream

Enjoy a net gain for every MonkProtected order.

Higher Customer Retention

Turn shoppers into brand devotees with next-level service.

Boosted Credibility

Build trust and strengthen your company’s reputation.

Critical Time Savings

The days of endless email return threads are over. MonkProtect’s Automated Claims Portal lets customer’s self-report issues.


Get a clear view of the claims processing story of your business.

Simple Integrations 

MonkProtect, much like our 75+ ecommerce integrations, is easily installed and managed. Customers see simple, branded options at checkout while administrators are able to painlessly navigate configurations via our backend portal.

Frequently Asked Questions about MonkProtect

  • What is MonkProtect?

    MonkProtect lets customers guarantee the safe delivery of their online orders by paying a small additional fee during checkout. Should your order become lost, damaged, or stolen, MonkProtect’s Automated Claims Portal allows you to quickly and easily resolve any issues.

  • How much does the MonkProtect service cost?

    MonkProtect’s service fee is based on the value of the items in your shopping cart.

  • What happens if my package is lost, damaged, or stolen?

    In the case of a lost, damaged, or stolen package, the eCommerce merchant you purchased with will review and process your claim for swift resolution.

  • How long does it take to file a claim with MonkProtect?

    Most claims will be reviewed, processed, and resolved within 3 to 5 business days.

  • Am I guaranteed to get my money back?

    If your MonkProtect claim is approved, your eCommerce merchant will initiate action to either reship or refund your order fees.

  • Will my package be reshipped?

    You may choose to have your package either reshipped or refunded (refunds provided by the merchant).

  • What shipping carriers are covered under MonkProtect?

    MonkProtect is currently available under all major U.S.-based shipping carriers.

Safeguard your post-purchase experience.
Choose MonkProtect™.

1. Protect

  • Seamless Insurance Coverage
  • Added Revenue Stream
  • Simple Integration

2. Track & Engage

  • On-site Tracking vs. Carrier Pages
  • Increase Branded Impressions
  • Improve Loyalty and Repurchase Rates

3. Resolve

  • Customers Self-Report Issues
  • 10x Faster than Manual Claims Processing
  • Full Native Integration to the ShipMonk app