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Subscription Box Fulfillment

The subscription box industry is more competitive than ever. After working with hundreds of subscription box companies, we know how to help you empower the growth of your business.

Simplify Your Ecommerce Ops & Focus on Profitability:

  • Multiple DTC Sales Channels
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  • Dedicated Subscription Box
    Fulfillment Teams
  • Superior Shipping Network with
    11 Fulfillment Centers
  • Complete Inventory Control
  • In-app Batch Processing
    & More

Simplify your operations and focus on building a more profitable business.

Subscription Box Fulfillment Features

  • Prep & Assembly for Unboxing Delight

    Unboxing is the critical moment. Our kitting process ensures your customers feel like kids on Christmas. ShipMonk prides itself on maintaining the flexibility to meet your brand’s creative vision, from gift messaging, promotional inserts, and branded stickers to fully custom presentations. As part of the kitting process, you’ll receive a set of photo proofs before assembly. Once you’ve approved the proof, we’ll fully assemble your box to ship by your desired ship date. The entire process is fully visible within the ShipMonk platform, and you’ll also receive regular project updates from your Happiness Engineer, the member of our Client Experience team assigned to support you with everything ShipMonk and fulfillment.

    Your proof will include photos of the goods before assembly, the open box containing all the products, and the closed box.

  • Best-in-Class Support from Happiness Engineers

    Fulfillment, shipping, and logistics can all be pretty complicated, and it helps to have an expert who can guide the way. Meet our Happiness Engineers! Our team goes through extensive training on all-things-ecommerce-fulfillment to assist you with all your fulfillment needs. With the unique nature of subscription box services, we want to ensure you have an expert in tune with your specific needs, which is why, at ShipMonk we have dedicated teams who solely focus on subscription boxes. Think of them as your employees stationed at one of our warehouses. Whatever you need, they’ll be there for you.

The Best Shipping Rates are via ShipMonk’s Virtual Carrier Network

Our extensive background within the shipping industry enables us to provide elite-level service at superior rates from the world’s most reliable carriers via ShipMonk’s Virtual Carrier Network (VCN). The VCN is an advanced transportation management strategy that guarantees orders are delivered on time at the best possible rate. VCN removes the guesswork and workarounds of other 3rd party systems. Best of all? It’s native to the ShipMonk platform and implemented within a few clicks.


  • Special Projects for your Unique Needs

    We get it. Growing businesses almost always have needs in the form of special projects. Potentially you need us to repackage your goods. Maybe you need an inventory count knocked out. Perhaps you need to kit multiple SKUs into one bundle. Sometimes huge opportunities hit, and you need help building master cases for retail. No matter the ask, ShipMonk’s Special Project team is here to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

A Powerful Software Platform to Manage Omnichannel Ecommerce

We’re tech first, and that’s what drives best-in-class fulfillment services to our clients. Our order, inventory, shipping and warehouse management systems, combined with omnichannel integrations, will help your brand save time and money.

  • Auto-Merge

    Auto-combine unfulfilled orders for the same customer and save on fulfillment and shipping costs.

  • Backorder Management

    Erase ambiguity for your customers. Opt to wait for more inventory, split-ship, or alter the items in an order.

  • Branded Tracking

    Utilize our custom post-purchase tracking page as a place to boost brand awareness, drive promos, and repeat purchases.

  • Claims Portal

    Sometimes, ship happens. ShipMonk lets you automatically file, track and resolve claims directly in-portal.

  • In-App Batching

    Create each unique box as a batch within the ShipMonk platform and assign orders to each batch.

  • Integrations

    Integrate ShipMonk with any of our 75+ ecommerce shopping carts, marketplaces, and solution providers for seamless order, inventory, and warehouse management.


Tour ShipMonk’s Warehouse

Ecommerce Fulfillment Driven by Automation & Technology

Pick, pack, and ship. Our warehouses are technological marvels with the bandwidth to fulfill 100,000+ orders daily. We pair automation with our best-in-class fulfillment software to deliver lightning-speed fulfillment at the highest quality control standards, all while providing cost savings to your bottom line.

  • Dimensional SKU Scanning

    In receiving, we’ll take photos and precise measurements of every SKU, forcing strong quality control standards and optimizing shipping costs.

  • Auto Slotting

    ShipMonk’s app monitors SKU sales velocity and routes your inventory to optimal warehouse locations, increasing speed and efficiency during fulfillment.

  • Automation

    Our fleet of automated mobile robots minimizes pick times (and cost), while speeding up fulfillment turnarounds. The result? Industry-leading accuracy.

  • Case Erector

    Eliminate hours of labor in pre-constructing boxes to create subscription boxes on demand.

  • Automated Conveyors

    Erase time lost in manual labor and quickly move your packages to their next point of attention for rapid fulfillment.

  • Automated Sorting

    Speed matters. Packages automatically sort to bins for faster carrier pickups (and faster routing to your customers).


Own the Post-Purchase Funnel with MonkProduct

Pick. Pack. Ship. Protect. MonkProtect’s Delivery Protection, Automated Claims Portal, and Branded Tracking Page help ensure an unbeatable post-purchase experience for your customers.


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What our clients are saying about ShipMonk:

Rating 5 from 5

Chris V.

CEO & Founder at Fanjoy

ShipMonk has been an incredible partner and a huge asset to growing our company. With the help of personal account managers and an always available service team, orders can be shipped in a matter of minutes. With their large facilities and an exceptional team, fulfillment is easier than ever.

Rating 5 from 5

Taylor O.

Founder of FEAT

We’ve used multiple different fulfillment partners. There were always issues and it was always top of mind for me as a founder to check on them. ShipMonk is the first fulfillment partner I have trusted.

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