shipping zone chart

Shipping Zone Chart

The various regions and countries that you ship to are known as shipping zones. Each shipping zone has specific shipping rates that apply to customers whose delivery addresses are within that zone.

Shipping zones influence delivery times and cost. These can be difficult to calculate and remember because USPS, FedEx, and UPS each have their own shipping zone charts. Since they do not follow a singular standardized format, we’ve made it easier to calculate with our shipping zone chart.

Use our Shipping Zone Chart below to view applicable delivery times and costs.

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How can you use this knowledge to
lower your fulfillment costs?

Using multiple warehouse locations can be a highly efficient way to lower fulfillment costs. 


Because most of your packages will be shipped from your nearest warehouse, reducing the amount of shipping zones each package crosses. Shipping packages from a shorter distance (i.e. crossing fewer shipping zones) will save you money on shipping cost.

How can I use multiple fulfillment
centers to save money?

If you’re managing fulfillment in-house, it can get costly to use multiple locations. But when you work with ShipMonk, we are able to use our scale of operations to offer you multiple warehouses to ship from – at a much lower rate than an individual retailer.

ShipMonk currently has warehouses in Florida, California, and Pennsylvania. And we’re opening another warehouse internationally!