shipping zone chart

Shipping Zone Chart

Packages travel far and wide, which is why shipping carriers have broken down different geographical locations into shipping zones. Along with order weight, shipping zones are a key factor in determining shipping rates and delivery times. Each shipping zone has specific shipping rates that apply to customers whose delivery addresses are within that zone.

Because shipping zones vary from carrier to carrier, calculating delivery time and cost can get challenging, especially for novice business owners who aren’t totally familiar with the ins and outs of shipping. At ShipMonk, we’ve made this process a whole lot easier with ShipMonk shipping methods that utilize the exact same zones, regardless of the end carrier who delivers the package.

Using our Shipping Zones Chart below, you can view ShipMonk’s shipping methods across all major U.S. regions.

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How can I use Shipping Zones to
lower my fulfillment costs?

Basically, the fewer zones a package has to “cross” before reaching its final destination, the better. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why shipping internationally can get so expensive — it’s way easier to send something locally than halfway across the world.

Using multiple warehouse locations can be a highly efficient way to lower fulfillment costs.

How can I use multiple fulfillment
centers to save money?

If you’re managing your order fulfillment in-house, splitting your inventory across multiple locations can get costly. But, at ShipMonk, we’re able to leverage our scale of operations to offer you more shipping options at a much lower rate than an individual retailer.

ShipMonk currently has warehouse facilities in Florida, California, and Pennsylvania, with new launches coming soon. Global domination, here we come!

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