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Passport + ShipMonk

Passport helps DTC eCommerce brands go global.

As a trusted ShipMonk partner with an expansive network, and an in-house team of shipping and compliance experts, Passport is the shipping carrier that growth-focused brands trust to expand their business internationally.

  • Best in class parcel logistics
  • Duty and tax calculator for DDP
  • High-touch customer support
  • Passport is the international shipping carrier of choice for modern DTC brands


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What our clients are saying about ShipMonk:

Rating 5 from 5

Chris V.

CEO & Founder at Fanjoy

ShipMonk has been an incredible partner and a huge asset to growing our company. With the help of personal account managers and an always available service team, orders can be shipped in a matter of minutes. With their large facilities and an exceptional team, fulfillment is easier than ever.

Rating 5 from 5

Taylor O.

Founder of FEAT

We’ve used multiple different fulfillment partners. There were always issues and it was always top of mind for me as a founder to check on them. ShipMonk is the first fulfillment partner I have trusted.

About Passport

The modern shipping carrier for international eCommerce.

  • Enabling customers to prepay duties + taxes at checkout to avoid unexpected costs at arrival (think TSA Precheck for your packages)
  • Providing an in depth live feed of last mile tracking information all the way to your customers door (No dark packages over the border)
  • Intercepting and handling all international shipping relating support tickets (ie. No more “where’s my package” questions for your team)
  • Our brands on average grow international revenue by 43% in Y1 of working with Passport

Passport is a modern international shipping carrier helping brands like Native, Kylie Cosmetics, Bombas, and 600+ others make the most of international. We enable our brand partners to reach their global potential through our bespoke shipping lanes, tax/duty calculation, fiscal/regulatory compliance help, and a better experience for customers. Learn more at

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