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I am so happy I switched to ShipMonk. We no longer have nightmares and problems with shipping, and we are saving a ton of money!

FEAT believes that life is too short to wear boring socks. On a mission to make the most comfortable and colorful clothing in the world, the FEAT team sources high quality, long-lasting materials to create products that infuse fun into every day.

Los Angeles, California
Parker Burr & Taylor Offer

FEAT‘s Story

After finding success selling fun, brightly-colored socks to fellow students on campus (20,000 pairs! Out of their backpacks!), FEAT’s founders moved the business online and went on to secure a 7-figure investment to scale their mission of delivering the most comfortable and colorful clothing in the world. But after outgrowing in-house shipping, they hired a well-known 3PL whose recurring fulfillment mistakes and poor customer service almost put FEAT out of business and incurred the brand over $100,000 in refunds due to a large amount of Christmas orders being shipped out too late. Founders Taylor Offer and Parker Burr weren’t sure if they could trust their brand and customer orders in the hands of any third-party logistics company… until they met fellow Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur Jan Bednar, CEO of ShipMonk.

After switching to ShipMonk for 3PL fulfillment, FEAT was able to grow their brand with peace of mind – and better pricing. This has helped them build a loyal base of happy customers who sing the praises of FEAT socks, hoodies, and hats. Now, every time FEAT launches a new line of limited edition, celebrity-endorsed products and sells out, they know their orders will ship out on time and create more happy, sock-loving customers!  

“As the founder, I couldn’t focus on product or marketing because all my energy was focused on fulfillment. With [the other 3PL], I was always worried if orders would make it to customers – and if it would be the right item. Once I switched to ShipMonk, I could focus on other tasks with the peace of mind that fulfillment was working! Since then, I’ve been able to scale FEAT by millions of dollars,” said founder Taylor Offer, who loves how easy it is to fulfill customer orders with ShipMonk.

“The dashboard is so user friendly. I just check in every now and then to make sure nothing’s out of stock. ShipMonk allows me to focus on the other aspects of my business because I know fulfillment won’t have issues. And we’re saving a lot of money in shipping.” Those savings add up with each brightly-colored order – and FEAT has already sold over 1 million pairs of socks and counting!

When we asked Taylor about the most positive experience FEAT has had using ShipMonk, he said, “There’s been times where I’ve messed up things. Labeled products wrong or assigned SKUs wrongly. The support ShipMonk gives is amazing. They are very responsive and always correct my mistakes, and the team is so nice and helpful.”

We think that’s just the way fulfillment should be! Our goal is to make life easier for our clients, no matter what.

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“It has been amazing so far, and I am so happy I switched to ShipMonk. We no longer have nightmares and problems with shipping, and we are saving a ton of money! I’ve already gotten 5 other companies to switch over too, and they love it.”
Taylor Offer
Founder of FEAT
Taylor Offer


Sold over 1 million pairs of socks

Featured on Forbes 30 Under 30

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Product collaborations with celebrity influencers

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