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Announcing New EU Facility

ShipMonk Continues European Expansion: New Fulfillment Center Launches in Czech Republic

This just in: ShipMonk expands its international footprint of fulfillment centers with another facility in Europe! Located along the Czech-German border, our new new fulfillment center is the 12th location in ShipMonk’s global network, and second stronghold in Europe, following the recent opening of ShipMonk United Kingdom. The new fulfillment center brings increased options for our ecommerce clients and their growing brands.

Our prime location at Podhradská 2872/11a 35002 Cheb, Czech Republic provides DTC brands with high-growth ambitions easier access to a market of 750 million prospective customers across the European Union. 

DTC Brand Benefits

ShipMonk’s European fulfillment center, based in the Czech Republic city of Cheb, gives ecommerce brands a foothold in continental Europe. At a glance, our European fulfillment centers:

  • Allow international brands domestic-like shipping rates and 2 – 5 day domestic delivery times, which lead to increased conversion rates and a superior customer experience.
  • Eliminate time-consuming customs clearances while providing exceptional margin savings and rapid shipping windows.
  • Offer expanded access to continental Europe, thus widening customer bases and the chance to penetrate new markets.

Alleviating Pain Points

Is your ecommerce brand not reaching as many international customers as it could be? Europe is an attractive market for growing brands, but shipping internationally is extremely expensive, taxes typically drive those costs up, and customers who order from companies overseas often complain about long delivery times. Worse, orders can be delayed in customs purgatory and lost altogether in that journey. If you’re a DTC brand that’s attempted to expand your ecommerce presence in Europe, you’ve likely dealt with one of three main problems:

1.) Shipping Expenses and Delays – Shipping costs and lengthy delivery windows can ruin your margins and/or cause customers to choose other brands.

2.) Customs, Duties, and Taxes – Europe has an extensive regulatory environment surrounding the sale and shipment of goods. Tax and duty regulations vary by country, the product’s origin, the goods’ description, and the shipment’s value. 

3.) European Operational Challenges – In addition to taxes, you must be a registered business with the EU or the operating country to house goods in much of continental Europe.

Never fear! ShipMonk is the experienced logistics partner that solves these problems, and our European fulfillment centers allow us to do that.

By United States standards, an economy package shipped from North America to Europe can commonly cost as much as 2-Day shipping in the US, which gravely affects profitability and customer conversion. ShipMonk Europe opens the door for DTC brands to affordably sell within Europe by offering the same best-in-class logistics services we’re known for with reduced shipping rates and faster delivery times that compete with domestic companies across the continent. 

ShipMonk Europe’s Czech Republic fulfillment center furthers this advantage, which in turn provides our ecommerce clients a chance to expand the reach of their products, test new markets, and grow their DTC brands without compromising on logistics service level or breaking their budgets. 

Growing Global

ShipMonk Europe provides direct access to a continent of new customers. Three of the world’s top eight ecommerce markets are located in Europe, including Germany (which our new Czech Republic fulfillment center borders), France, and the UK where we already have an established European presence. Respectively, those three ecommerce markets alone represent $148 billion, $96 billion, and $143 billion in ecommerce sales. Studies show that the region’s B2C Ecommerce Gross Merchandise Value will increase to approximately $1.5 trillion by 2026.

Take advantage of Europe’s possibilities with ShipMonk. By leveraging advanced logistics services through our European facilities, ecommerce brands will be able to reduce transit times significantly, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat orders. While the current average transit time from the US to a European buyer is 15 calendar days, shipping carriers servicing our Czech Republic fulfillment center reach all of continental Europe in 2 – 5 business days. Ecommerce brands can also put the days of expensive transatlantic parcel costs to rest by reducing shipping costs by 45% or more.

Platform Management

ShipMonk Europe provides your ecommerce brand’s distribution network an affordable European selling strategy. And you, as a business owner, can have peace of mind managing your overseas inventory with our omnichannel 3PL ecommerce platform. ShipMonk’s fulfillment center platform is known for allowing merchants to manage their inventory (for both DTC and B2B orders) in multiple fulfillment centers, all from a single platform. So you can rest assured that as you sell and ship internationally, your fulfillment operations will be friction-free and you can continue to manage all your SKUs from wherever you are in the world!

Stress Less, Grow More

Opening up new markets and “going global” can present enormous challenges to growing businesses. Even the most organized and experienced brands struggle with the complexities of scaling internationally. Shipping costs inflate continually, and delivery times from the US to Europe can crush customer expectations. Even more challenging? Keeping track of each country’s unique regulations and tax environments can equate to a full-time job by itself. Enter ShipMonk’s order fulfillment and logistics solutions

To become a global brand, one must sell and thrive globally. ShipMonk has been busy accelerating our international operations in recent years. Our expanding presence in Europe, as well as the US, Mexico, and Canada, gives ecommerce brands the advantage of best-in-class fulfillment services abroad, along with better shipping costs and shipping speeds that drive compelling margin savings and lightning-fast delivery times to surprise and delight your customers. 

Europe and Your Ecommerce Brand 

Don’t delay in building the next great chapter in the story of your ecommerce brand. Growth within the US is only part of the bigger selling equation for ecommerce businesses intent on industry domination. ShipMonk offers world-class fulfillment and logistics solutions across the globe, and our newly-expanded European presence allows ecommerce businesses to “stress less and grow more.”

Contact us today to get started with our services or learn more about how our European fulfillment centers store your products closer to international customers, reducing shipping costs and shipping times!

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