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Benefits of Outsourcing Order Fulfillment

Benefits of Outsourcing Order Fulfillment

If you’ve seen the signs that you’re ready to outsource fulfillment, and you’re getting ready to make the big move, then you’re on the verge of a decision that will benefit your ecommerce brand in a myriad of ways. 

Since its founding, ShipMonk has prided itself on offering the best logistics services to DTC ecommerce brands and growing online businesses seeking B2B retail distribution and omnichannel fulfillment. Through a combination of innovation, technology, strategic expansion, and unwavering customer service, year over year our 3PL brings benefits to brands across these markets. 

So as you prepare to join that club of success, let’s highlight the specifics of what your ecommerce brand is in for by outsourcing to a leading order fulfillment partner!

Discounted Shipping Rates

Shipping carriers offer better rates to businesses that ship at a higher volume. Naturally, fulfillment centers are some of the best accounts a shipping carrier could possibly nab, as these companies handle the shipping for hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses. This becomes the rare win-win-win, because the shipping carrier benefits from all that business, a 3PL brings direct value to their ecommerce clients, and the ecommerce clients (i.e. brands like yours) benefit from the best rates available that get passed down through that partnership.

Ability to Scale

Scaling is the result of growth. Both become so much easier to achieve when you partner with a 3PL. Like we mentioned earlier, by outsourcing to an order fulfillment company like ShipMonk you’ll have access to state-of-the-art technology, automated systems, integration options, inventory management software, and even a post-purchase suite for handling package protection

All these tools are designed to make your business run more efficiently while maintaining accuracy. Those two things will ensure higher customer satisfaction, which converts buyers into return customers. Moreover, this level of streamlining frees you up to explore new strategies to evolve your business. Together, that time and technology lead to your best chance at scaling success. 

Quality Inventory and Order Management

We’ve touched on this a few times, but more often than not, your new 3PL will come equipped with its own inventory and order management software. An advanced fulfillment platform like this will integrate seamlessly with your current shopping cart or marketplace (Shopify, Amazon, etc.). The platform will become your one-stop-shop for monitoring inventory levels, tracking shipments, and accessing order data and customer information. 

ShipMonk put the user first when designing our 3PL platform so ecommerce brands have all info related to inventory, order, and warehouse management easily within reach, that way they’re always in the know about their businesses. 

In addition to the technological side of things, a fantastic fulfillment center has a smooth and efficient process for the receiving, sorting, and storing all products coming in. If you outsource to a reliable 3PL partner like ShipMonk, you can say goodbye to being overwhelmed by stacks of boxes in your living room. Your inventory will always be neatly, safely, and optimally stored so it is ready when orders come in and efficiently picked, packed, and shipped out when they do.

Diverse Distribution Center Locations

If you have customers from coast to coast and a sizable amount of inventory, investing in multiple fulfillment centers might be the path for you. Luckily, many 3PLs have locations nationwide and even internationally, which allows for faster delivery times and decreased shipping costs. Not only that, but you’ll limit the hassles that come with navigating and managing new terrain. 

Overall Cost Savings

If you opt for running your own fulfillment operation, here are just some of the costs you will incur:

  • Monthly rent payments for warehouse space
  • Warehouse management and employee salaries
  • Shipping and packaging materials per order
  • Additional operational costs for racking, stocking, and more
  • Technology and integration installation to keep up with data

These are just a few areas where you’ll save money by outsourcing order fulfillment. When you choose a high-quality 3PL, you’re integrating your business into a well-oiled machine that covers these costs for you while doing so much more to help your business grow!

Benefits That Fit Your Ecommerce Brand Goals

Teaming up with a 3PL will be one of the best decisions you ever make for your ecommerce business. Between time, accuracy, and budget, the benefits just keep getting better as we delve into them. More importantly, the hassle you’ll save as a business owner will allow your ecommerce brand to get even better, growing and even going global as we handle all your logistics needs. 

All that potential and possibility and progress begins with the simple step of contacting the ShipMonk team. Our order fulfillment experts are ready to get you started with outsourcing so you can outsoar the competition!

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