BIG Excellence in Customer Service Awards

Customer Service Continues to be King at ShipMonk

2024 is 4th Year in a Row 3PL is Recognized with BIG Customer Service Award

April 10, 2024 — Customer service is a 365-day a year duty, but today the Business Intelligence Group is shining an extra light on this critical component to any company’s success by announcing the winners of the BIG Excellence in Customer Service Awards.

This year, BIG is celebrating 102 companies, executives, and products dedicated to getting customers the support they need and deserve. This is ShipMonk’s fourth year in a row being honored with a win. We’re proud to be recognized, especially considering that our 3PL services, software, and everything in between are designed with our clientele in mind. We continuously drive the industry forward with innovation, but our capacity to create tools and technology that make the complex world of ecommerce efficient, cost-effective, and much easier for brands, well, that’s where the heart of our business is. 

The Crux of the BIG Customer Service Awards

Customer service is as critical as it can be tricky. This is a demanding, uncompromising element of business management, and in the ecommerce industry the stakes and room for error are even higher. BIG’s Excellence in Customer Service Awards aims to highlight organizations that prioritize the customer experience and produce solutions that make it simpler to service this goal while living up to the expectations customers have of the companies they do business with. That element can make or break a business. As the Business Intelligence Group notes:

  • It costs 600% more to attract a new customer than it does to retain one. 
  • Customers who engage with or purchase a product/service at least 3 times are 2x more likely to remain loyal customers. 
  • Companies who put effort into crafting quality customer service programs see upward of 90% retention rates. 

“The role of customer service is changing every day and the winners of this year’s program highlight the people, organizations, and products that are really improving how consumers connect with companies,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer of the Business Intelligence Group.

ShipMonk’s Superior Customer Service

Cutting-edge fulfillment technology, advanced integrations, and cost-effective, adaptive solutions are several of the key cornerstones at ShipMonk. But all of these, and our other values, are rooted in the idea that customer service is the lifeblood of the difference we’re making in the logistics industry. We’re continually implementing software advancements, 3PL product solutions, and extended digital integrations as well as physical network expansions to ensure our customers have the best on all fronts. 

Happiness Engineers

We know that the ecommerce marketplace has increasing demands across the board, but all companies are unique in their specific brand needs. In respect of this, our Client Experience team of “Happiness Engineers” is heavily trained in quick problem solving, attention to detail, communication, transparency, and of course the ins and outs of our 3PL services. This way, the ecommerce brands they are specifically paired with are serviced for in the optimal way possible. That caliber of care is why our company has such high support feedback on industry-standard review platforms like TrustPilot, and it’s how we achieve amazing support metrics like 50% first contact resolution on issues last year.

Expanding with the Ecommerce Brand in Mind

One of the big ways we enhanced our service offerings this past year was with the physical expansion of our global 3PL network. Empathizing with the challenges of shipping abroad, ShipMonk opened our 12th facility in 2023, strategically-located in the Czech Republic. This location was founded to give our ecommerce clients a foothold in continental Europe that counters the adversity associated with going global. The international brands we work with can now achieve domestic-like shipping rates and delivery times, eliminate time-consuming customs clearances, and easily access a market of 750 million prospective customers across Europe. It is only the beginning of how we continue to overcome the adversity that our industry presents on behalf of our customers. 

Customer Service Awards Categories

Business Intelligence Group’s Excellence in Customer Service Awards have several categories, including: Executive of the Year, Front-line Pro of the Year, Manager of the Year, Organization of the Year, and Transformation of the Year. ShipMonk is being honored in the “Organization of the Year” portion of the 2024 awards, specifically in the “Medium-Sized Businesses” category, which is for companies with 1,000 – 9,999 employees.

About Business Intelligence Group 

The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, the programs run by BIG are judged by business executives who have the experience and knowledge that qualifies them to critically analyze the performance of other companies. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards those companies whose achievements stand above the average standard. 

Stress Less, Grow More

ShipMonk is dedicated to eliminating issues for our clients, getting ahead of ecommerce industry challenges, and if problems do arise we aim to alleviate them as soon as possible in the most effective manner possible. We are excited to be on the Business Intelligence Group’s winning list in the Excellence in Customer Service Awards for 2024, and we’ll keep doing the honor proud with superior support to all the brands we’re privileged to partner with.

If you own or operate an ecommerce brand and would like to benefit from this commitment to your success, contact ShipMonk to inquire about 3PL services today!

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