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8 Reasons Why ShipMonk Sits on the Iron Throne of eCommerce Fulfillment

Admittedly, our office is filled with Game of Thrones fans, so we couldn’t help but merge our passion for G.O.T. and fulfillment.

Expanded header showing why ShipMonk sits on the iron throne of eCommerce fulfillment.


  1. Strategizing and planning are our strengths

We’re always up to something…and the plans we’re devising are going to save you stress and money!

Strategizing and planning are our strengths

  1. We’re extremely transparent

From our pricing to customer service, what you see is what you get with us. Stannis Baratheon had his flaws, but he always endeavored to be plain and honest. You’ll get nothing less from us.

We’re extremely transparent

  1. We were raised in a well-known family

ShipMonk was one of the first companies to graduate from Tech Runway, FAU’s Accelerator Program, so you might say that we grew up a Lannister.

We were raised in a well-known family

  1. We were the underdog

Back in Season 1, who thought that Cersei would end up on the Iron Throne at some point? We haven’t always been the favorite, but like Cersei, we won’t let anything stop in our way from achieving our objective. Except in our case, that objective is delighting our customers.

We were the underdog

  1. We have an awesome Direwolf

Well dog, but her name is Daenerys. And just like Ghost, our direwolf is never far from the ShipMonk team.

We have an awesome Direwolf

  1. We wield strong weapons

Jon Snow has a Valyrian steel sword, and we have a proprietary inventory management software. Just as Jon can use his weapon to take down Whitewalkers, we use our sword to smite any and all inventory questions and fulfillment obstacles.

We wield strong weapons

  1. We stick up for the little guys

We have a soft spot for small businesses and startups. Much like Oberyn Martell was Tyrion’s champion, so too will we be yours. And in our case, it will end much better.

We stick up for the little guys

  1. We’re unafraid of bold proclamations

Daenerys proclaims herself the rightful queen, and we declare ourselves the best in fulfillment… and both of us can back it up. It’s very rare, but if we don’t ship your packages on time, your order is free.

We’re unafraid of bold proclamations

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