Budd the Monk, the most powerful of ShipMonk's happiness engineers, plants seeds in his backyard while relaxing with a cucumber face mask.

Who Are Happiness Engineers?

Happiness Engineers are the lifeblood of ShipMonk, combining account management and customer service skills with a dab of ingenuity. Our Happiness Engineers follow the Eight Pillars of Shipdom, the foundation upon which the position is built.

Let’s take a look at these pillars together!

The top characteristics of happiness engineers.

#1. Problem Solver

Happiness Engineers are ready and willing to be called upon to assist our customers at a moment’s notice. While we pride ourselves on delivering the greatest low-stress experience in the business, the truth is that sometimes problems pop up that we need to address. The Happiness Engineer is instrumental when it comes to bridging the gap between the warehouse and client as well as solving every problem that may come up!

#2. Friendly

It doesn’t matter if it’s a client with a small business who ships only a few items a month or a bulge-bracket big boss shipping 50,000 orders a month. Our Happiness Engineers are always friendly and treat every client with the same care and compassion that they show everybody else in our company and daily life. Life is short, and we at ShipMonk believe that being friendly and making friends—which goes hand in hand with happiness—is a much better investment of time than making enemies.

#3. Multi-Tasker

ShipMonk is proud to be one of the fastest growing logistics companies in the country. But even though that growth goes hand in hand with tremendous volume, our Happiness Engineers can balance this volume and still ensure that everything operates in a copacetic fashion. Whether it involves checking on a received product’s bin location—while simultaneously planning a shipment with our warehouse manager—or expertly juggling multiple chats, they’re always ready and able to multi-task, no problem.

#4. Tech Savvy

At its core, ShipMonk isn’t just a logistics company – it’s a cutting-edge tech enterprise! Computers, mobile devices, apps—these are the heart of what makes us who we are, and all of our Happiness Engineers speak the language of ShipMonk’s heart. Remember, too, that many of our clients are incredibly smart and gifted at commerce—that’s what led them to us, after all! Sometimes, though, they may still need someone to hold their hand for a moment as they navigate the eCommerce maze. The best Happiness Engineers are also the most skilled tech teachers!

#5. Master Listener

The shipping and commerce world is so complex that no one person could ever hope to understand everything about it. Whether it’s about themselves, or about commerce, or about operations, our clients always have something to teach us. Our Happiness Engineers never assume they have all the answers. Instead, they make it their business to keep their ears open, absorb as much new knowledge as possible, and then apply that knowledge to all of our other customers.

#6. Adapts to Change

When you were growing up, chances are that you’d outgrow your shoes every year or so. Growing companies are no different – and working with growing companies means that we need to be able to pivot at any given moment! Great Happiness Engineers don’t just adapt to change – they embrace it. After all, changing to grow helps both our customers and us.

#7. Proactive

Everybody wants to have known problems solved. What’s great about Happiness Engineers is that they can often solve our customers’ problems before they arise! Being proactive is instrumental because it helps to optimize our clients’ time and helps us to deliver our signature stress-free experience.

#8. Shipping Expert

From energetic newbie to seasoned veteran, each of our Happiness Engineers is expected to learn and stay up-to-date on everything shipping. That lets them be the expert ShipMonk voice our customers have come to expect. They’re fully fluent and familiar with all of our shipping partners, shipping methods, and shipping procedures.

These are just some of the things that make our Happiness Engineers great. Our goal is to help our customers stress less and grow more because when we grow, we grow together.

Of course, all work and no play is no fun at all. Here at ShipMonk, we believe in rewarding our employees for a job well done, and we have video proof to back us up…

Want to join the ShipMonk team? We’re hiring Happiness Engineers  — click here to apply.