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ShipMonk Summits Enhance 3PL Mindsets

Teamwork makes the dream work. It’s an old saying that applies to any situation where people are coming together to achieve a goal. In the fulfillment industry where increasing demand, geographical obstacles, rising costs, and complex supply chains are more temperamental than a Jack Russell Terrier hyped up on sugar, it is vital that 3PL team members are on the same page. And, of course, that the page they’re on is informed, thorough, and forward-thinking.

ShipMonk has always prided itself on employing the best in the business, from our dedicated account reps fondly called “Happiness Engineers” to our warehouse staff. Accordingly, we actively update our systems to stay ahead of the evolving needs of eCommerce and help our clients succeed. As part of this, ShipMonk regularly gathers staff from across the globe for educational summits at our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Lessons in Fulfillment 

During these summits, employees from different areas of the ShipMonk operation have the opportunity to learn from heads of departments, ask questions, and refine their eCommerce mindsets. Though the talks offered change, the general goal of each summit is to have all ShipMonk team members understand the current temperature of the eCommerce climate, discover newly-released ShipMonk features, finetune our operating procedures, and learn how to give clients the best experience possible. 

Past summit highlights have included inspiring presentations from ShipMonk leadership, such as founder and CEO Jan Bednar, Chief Revenue Officer Kevin Sides, Chief Product Officer Rafael Zakinov, VP of Client Experience Christine Warren, and Chief People Officer Stuart Horowitz. 

In terms of specific educational content, ShipMonk summits take a Jacques Cousteau worthy deep dive into the many aspects that make our company tick. Some topics include:

  • Advanced Features of ShipMonk’s Technology Platform
  • Onboarding New Clients
  • Returns and Customer Service
  • Analysis of Our Shipping Methods and Diverse Carrier Network
  • The Ins and Outs of Our B2B Wholesale Capabilities
  • Understanding Section 321 and Benefits of our Mexico Location
  • Our Amazing MonkProtect Post-Purchase Tools
  • Important Hazmat and Quality Assurance Information
  • Appreciating What Sets Us Apart from Competition

Enhanced Company Culture and Client Relations

Though the specifics change, ShipMonk educational summits always revolve around how to align needs with solutions, identify and remedy pain points, and meet the fulfillment expectations of our clients. Yes, there are also cute company dogs present, warehouse tours, and the occasional lighthearted team-building exercise, but overall, employees keep their eyes on the prize of enhancing our 3PL’s ability to kick eCommerce butt. 

The takeaway—the ShipMonk team joined together at our latest summits and did the work; now we are even more capable of making your 3PL dream work! Immerse yourself in a bit of that dream now by touring the ShipMonk operation in under 45 seconds, or even applying to join the team today! Who knows, by this time next year you could be talking palettes and product lines with the best in the business at one of our 2023 summits. 🙂 

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