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Process Engineer
Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States
Regular Full Time Exempt
Process Engineer
Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States
Regular Full Time Exempt
Process Engineer
Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States
Regular Full Time Exempt

Employee Testimonials

Nancy R.


I love everything about the people and the environment at ShipMonk. This is one of the best places I have ever worked because everyone at ShipMonk is friendly and respectful.

Martin B.

Graphic Design

Czech Republic
Working at ShipMonk is a blast! Seriously, I love it here. The best part of my job? The exciting variety of design tasks I get to tackle every single day. No two days are ever the same, which means I never have to worry about feeling bored or stuck in a rut. There's always something fresh and exciting on my plate!

Kerry N.


ShipMonk is fun, fast-paced, satisfying, and exciting! The company has grown at a rapid pace and has provided a lot of opportunities to expand my career and knowledge base at America’s fastest-growing 3PL for DTC, B2B, and retail fulfillment across all verticals.

Trayshawn D.

Outbound Department

Working for ShipMonk is like a new experience and adventure every day. There is always something new to learn, my coworkers are amazing, and there is plenty of room for growth.

Greisy Adriana S.

Picking & Packing

New Jersey
I love what I do at ShipMonk because I learn new things almost every day and it also helps my personal growth. Being here is a great opportunity. It’s a great pleasure to work with ShipMonk.

Erich G.

Product Marketing

ShipMonk has developed a passionate and driven team that constantly seeks to be the best in the industry. This has provided me with the opportunity to grow my skills and develop my career.

Jennifer K.

Operations Management

Working for ShipMonk is challenging, collaborative, and fast paced.

Annand C.

Receiving Team

New York
ShipMonk is a nice place to work. Our fulfillment center leads and supervisors are very kind. I’ve had other jobs in the past where I did not have a good experience but now I really like being a part of the ShipMonk team. Thank you for the opportunity.

Angel C.

Operations Management

I love working at ShipMonk because it provides a safe, healthy, and fun environment; you can fly up as high as you want since there are many opportunities and your ideas are listened to.

Chris W.

Docking & Sorting

I feel at home here. I feel valued within the company and I continue to work at ShipMonk because of all the positive changes.

Maria G.

Human Resources

I’ve had the honor of working both at HQ and visiting most of the ShipMonk fulfillment centers. Each day is always different and each site has its own personality but has the same Get Sh*t done mentality that makes ShipMonk great.

Franklin S.

Receiving Team

Working at ShipMonk is more than just working a normal warehouse job. It is working in a family environment where everyone you work with becomes an addition to your existing family. It is a place where you are treated as an individual and not just another head, and it is a place that motivates you and gives the job you do purpose.

Nicolas P.

Warehouse Supervisor

Czech Republic
Working at ShipMonk means a great opportunity to achieve significant goals. The experiences that ShipMonk offers me are the most valuable rewards I could receive.

Arianna M.

Fulfillment Consultant

There are many reasons I love working for ShipMonk, but what inspires me the most is the thriving environment and the collective dedication towards achieving a shared goal, both as individual contributors and as a team.

Vladyslav S.

Packing & Shipping

The work culture at Shipmonk is fantastic. Everyone works together as a team to achieve common goals, and there is a strong emphasis on transparency and communication. The management team is always open to hearing feedback from employees and is quick to implement changes. I believe that anyone who joins this team will have the opportunity to excel and achieve their career goals.

Jose M.

Outbound Department

New York
I am happy to be a part of the ShipMonk team. All the people are kind and I really like all the employee engagement events that the company organizes for us.

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