ShipMonk Announced SFBJ 2024 Business of the Year

ShipMonk Announced SFBJ 2024 Business of the Year

ShipMonk wins South Florida Business Journal’s 27th Business of the Year Awards. This prestigious accolade recognizes businesses that set the standard for growth, service, quality, innovation, execution, and strategy. 

About the Award

To qualify, companies must have a significant portion of their operation in South Florida. Additionally, Business of the Year awardees must exhibit extraordinary performance in: 

1.) Financial Strength

2.) Workplace Excellence

3.) Innovative Operations

4.) Community Involvement 

Why ShipMonk is a Winner

“It’s an honor to be selected Business of the Year in the same state where ShipMonk first started innovating the fulfillment industry. Our commitment to technology and client-facing solutions got us here, and we’ll continue driving ecommerce forward with these core values for years to come.” 

— Kevin Sides, President, ShipMonk

While ShipMonk has a worldwide presence with 12 first-party fulfillment centers, our headquarters—our roots—are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We began our journey when our founder Jan Bednar immigrated from the Czech Republic to pursue his degree at Florida Atlantic University. While in Florida, Jan discovered that international shipping was largely inaccessible due to cost and complexity. That, and antiquated technology, kept many ecommerce companies from competing with market giants. ShipMonk was born as a result with the goal of fusing premier order fulfillment capabilities with cutting-edge technology. Along the way our company has proven itself in the categories SFBJ places emphasis on.

1.) Growth Leader 

ShipMonk is a third party logistics provider that helps ecommerce brands of all sizes across all verticals “stress less and grow more”. Year-over-year we expand our offerings through technology-driven fulfillment solutions and customized services. More specifically, our enterprise-level company stands out for harnessing: 

  • A wide range of seamless ecommerce integrations
  • Superior shipping rates and services enhanced by our Virtual Carrier Network
  • Powerful order, inventory, warehouse, and transportation management
  • Our first-of-its-kind 3PL platform designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
  • Award-winning customer service and support provided by 3PL experts

2.) Top Workplace

ShipMonk is an inviting, collaborative workplace. We provide advancement avenues across our global network, strive to give employees a balanced work life, and treat our team with respect. That includes an open-door environment, inclusive opportunities to learn about company initiatives, employee engagement activities, and rewards programs to highlight exceptional individuals.

3.) Innovator 

ShipMonk utilizes the latest technology and develops our own for more advanced solutions. The robotics and automation in our fulfillment centers mean 4X faster picking times than the industry average, 99.9% accuracy, and a 400% increase in storage efficiency. Meanwhile, our proprietary 3PL platform helps brands streamline operations via a unified portal. The platform also has a user-friendly “one-stop shop” design so every 3PL resource is in a single place, along with the transparency and data that business managers need to make decisions, and access to 100+ of the industry’s best integrations.

4.) Community Builder

ShipMonk has created thousands of jobs in communities across the world. We are enthusiastic about championing employee growth through advancement opportunities. ShipMonk also supports initiatives to make our surrounding communities better with direct impact, volunteer work, and nonprofit involvement. For example, in the last year our Florida team was involved in:

  • South Florida beach cleaning to help keep our local beaches beautiful
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month 5Ks to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation in their quest to find a cure
  • The Florida Lexus Corporate Run in support of United Way’s aim to create quality programs, advocate for better policies, engage people in the community, and generate resources within South Florida while promoting running and walking to maintain a healthy lifestyle for people from all avenues of corporate life.

Business of the Year Strategy

“The ShipMonk community is excited to receive the SFBJ Business of the Year award, as it commemorates our ever-present commitment to building brands up. We are and always will operate at a Business of the Year mindset no matter what accolades come our way.” 

Kerry Neysmith, Director of Customer Onboarding, ShipMonk

Since day one, ShipMonk has strategically pushed the industry forward through innovation that uniquely boosts productivity and results for ecommerce merchants. That’s what has led us to receiving the SFBJ Business of the Year honor, as well as the other industry awards we receive on an annual basis. As we continue to expand our offerings related to overseas imports, B2B services, mid-market growth, and more, we will work to earn this award again and again.

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