7 Reasons Why You Should Work at ShipMonk

They say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Cheesy as it may sound, we couldn’t agree more with that sentiment here at ShipMonk. We firmly believe our awesome employees are the basis of our success as a company, which is why we devote time and resources to ensure their happiness and wellbeing. Whether you have just stumbled upon us or have been thinking about taking the plunge for a while, you’ll be sure to find something you love about working for us.

1. Bring Your Dog to Work Day, Every Day

Denny the chocolate labrador poses for the camera with her stuffed green toy.

Our ShipMonk staff is comprised of bona fide (or should we say bona fido?) dog lovers, which is why our office is 100% dog-friendly. That’s right — gone are the days of puppy dog eyes and forlorn goodbyes between you and your fur child. There is a place for pups from all walks of life at our office, whether that’s glued to your side or hanging out with their furry BFFs. Just bring a leash, blankets, and some dog treats… you’ll fit right in!

2. We Like to Move It, Move It

ShipMonk's gym and gaming areas in the Fort Lauderdale headquarters.

Safe to say, we’re an active bunch. Studies, like this one by Leeds Metropolitan University, suggest that physical activity encourages better time management, increased productivity, and higher quality interactions with colleagues. So, when we had the opportunity to scale our headquarters, we knew that our old exercise ball just wouldn’t do. As a ShipMonk office employee, you’ll have access to a fully equipped gym and exercise classes like CrossFit and yoga. #GymLife not your thing? We also have arcade games, ping-pong, and dual shot basketball. Next time you run into a creative block, you’ll know where to go!

3. Snacks. (…enough said)

The Avenue snack station.

With great exercise, comes great… eating? We take inspiration from our plump mascot, Budd the Monk, when it comes to food. Aside from the kitchen where you can heat and freeze to your heart’s desire, you’ll also enjoy daily delivery of fresh fruit, a diverse assortment of vending machine options, a fully stocked fridge of tea, juice, soda, water, and fancy water. We even have cold-brew and kombucha on tap. Oh, and we host pizza parties and have donuts delivered once a month. At least.

4. We Work Hard to Play Hard

ShipMonk employees celebrating the launch of the new Florida headquarters.

Without a doubt, ShipMonk employees are some of the most dedicated, hard-working people in the game… which is why we love to treat them to some fun when the work is done! Whether it’s coworkers going out for happy hour or the entire company celebrating a milestone, we have no shortage of extracurricular activities. Attendance is never mandatory, but we don’t know anyone who’s turned down a round of go-karting or a paint & sip party yet!

5. You Will LOVE Your Coworkers

ShipMonk employees posing for a picture at the warehouse opening.

One of our top priorities is maintaining a cohesive workplace culture. Awesome employees deserve an awesome environment, which is what we maintain and promote with our hiring choices. Meaning, when you join the ShipMonk family, you can expect to be surrounded by a team of like-minded individuals — people who are just as committed, intelligent, and creative as you are! Work soulmates aren’t guaranteed, but we’re 99% sure you’ll find one. 😉

6. We Want to See You Shine

Jan Bednar, ShipMonk's CEO, giving a speech at the new headquarters launch.

We’re invested in your success just as much as you are, which is why we are strong believers in professional development and promoting from within. Rewarding our employees for a job well done isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s absolutely essential for retaining the very people who have brought us to where we are today and will bring us to where we are tomorrow. At ShipMonk, your voices are heard and your efforts are seen.

7. Benefits Out the Wazoo

A bird's eye view of the ShipMonk office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If all of this isn’t enough to convince you to come to the Green Side, then perhaps you might be interested in learning more about our benefits package. Office employees get 401(k) retirement plans, comprehensive health insurance (including dental and vision), and unlimited PTO. Can you say “triple whammy”?

So… what are you waiting for? Come join our team! View our current openings and apply today.

Bonus! Check out this video for a glimpse into our awesome company culture. Talk about working and playing hard!