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Home & Household Goods Fulfillment with ShipMonk

At ShipMonk, we integrate with your sales channels to make shipping and fulfillment a stress-free experience!

It’s a familiar setting for eCommerce business owners. Orders are flowing in, but there’s one major problem: with higher volume, order fulfillment seems to be all that you’re doing! Between packing boxes and running to the post office, finding the time to expand your operations gets harder by the day.

Here at ShipMonk, we take the pressure off eCommerce home brands by replacing your retail and digital fulfillment needs from top to bottom. We specialize in home goods fulfillment and shipping services so you can concentrate on the things you do best, like product sourcing and developing a killer marketing strategy.

What our clients are saying:

Rating 5 from 5

Rich A.

Co-Founder and CEO at Sunday Citizen

We signed up with ShipMonk after some pretty terrible experiences with other 3PLs, and they were a very welcome relief. We came to them because of their pricing but stayed because of their great customer service (just renewed our contract!). Their back-end software is also very intuitive and easy to use.

Rating 5 from 5

Benjamin F.

My Blender Buddy

What a fantastic company. Not only are they effective and efficient, but their customer service is superb. Really helped us out on a personal level with our business on top of doing an excellent job at fulfillment.

Created to Foster Sustained Growth for Your Household Goods Business

Our comprehensive array of home goods must-haves will be sure to cross off your checklist — and then some.

  • Considerations for Specialty Items

    Even your most challenging product shipments are no match for ShipMonk’s fulfillment services. From delicate home decor to sturdy garden equipment, we fuse strength with flexibility to find a seamless solution that works for you and your customers.

  • Next-Level Automation

    When it comes to 3PLs, automation is the name of the game — and we’re master players. Our turbocharged technology (AI-powered robots, anyone?) gives merchants access to a host of incredible benefits, like 99.9% pick accuracy and some of the speediest turnaround times known to man… or machine.


  • Custom Packaging

    Your branding got you this far, and we’re here to keep it that way. We’re devoted to preserving authenticity, and individualized packaging is no exception. In fact, whether you opt for branded boxes or special inserts, our infrastructure is equipped to handle it all.

  • Premier Merchant Support

    Our Happiness Engineers are seasoned logistics experts, which means they have ample resources to take on your toughest questions and most demanding tasks.

  • Unbeatable Shipping Savings

    Whether you’re shipping domestic or international, you can count on us to score you discounted rates and help you navigate DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) and customs clearance.

  • Multiple Warehouse Facilities

    The more, the merrier! Thanks to our multiple warehouse facilities, your customers can enjoy national coverage — including 2-day delivery — for cheaper, faster shipping.

Trusted Integrations for Household Goods Fulfillment

Looking for options? We have plenty. With over 75 eCommerce integrations, getting started with premium shipping and order fulfillment is as easy as 1, 2, 3 — no coding required!

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