Subscription Box Fulfillment | Assembly and Kitting Services

The ShipMonk Process

It all starts at $1/box

In-depth Consultation

Before we bring you on board, we’ll either have a detailed phone conversation with you, or an in-person meeting to learn more about your business. We work with countless subscription model businesses and are always open to sharing the things we have found work best for our portfolio of customers. We’ll cover topics related to surplus inventory management, shipping options, API integrations, and more.

Account Creation

After we learn more about your business needs, we’ll set up your account and integrate your Cratejoy account or other preferred shopping cart. Since our software integrates with most shopping carts and marketplaces, this step takes place with no lag time, so you’ll be ready to get started in no time. We’ll also review your desired packing procedures, materials and boxes to ensure our process is customized according to your requirements.

Demo & Guidance

A key difference between ShipMonk and other fulfillment companies is the level of customer service that we maintain. Your dedicated Happiness Engineer will walk you through the software features and fulfillment processes to ensure you have full control over your account. We believe in working together to make the fulfillment process as seamless as possible – after all, nobody wants hiccups on either end!

Receiving & Storage

We have developed an easy to follow timeline for each step in the process to ensure everything is received in time to meet your shipping date. Essentially, you will create receivings in your account, so we have an idea of when the products will arrive at our warehouse to start assembling boxes. Once your boxes are shipped you’ll be able to track how much inventory remains and develop a plan for surplus inventory.

Assembly & Verification

This is the fun part! Once we have all of your product in stock, we’ll double check that the inventory levels meet the volume of orders. You’ll receive three photos the day before we assemble boxes: One of all the products laid, another of the products presented in the box, and one more photo of the box closed. Once approved, full assembly will begin in time to meet your ship date. You’ll be able to track everything through your account, but your Happiness Engineer will also be communicating every step of the way for good measure.

Shipping & Reporting

As orders are processed during the course of each month, you’ll receive daily updates to flag errors in your account, e.g. out of stock orders and invalid addresses. Once your orders have been shipped, ShipMonk software will alert your Cratejoy account or shopping cart to confirm each order has been sent to your customer or if it was undeliverable. Plus, a shipping confirmation email will be sent to the customer.


See what our customers have to say:

Absolutely AMAZING service with the folks at Shipmonk. We run our business from Canada so we actually never saw the facility but believe me, we couldn't have better partners. We actually just visited them for the first time last week and it felt like I was in my own warehouse. Awesome guys and they'll do anything to make things right. Highly recommended and absolutely vetted.
Co-Founder, LaRitzy
Been using ShipMonk for months for our box's fulfillment and they've been fantastic! Easy to set up with, happy to grow as we do, and consistently save us many hours of work every month.
Daniil K
Founder, calmbox
ShipMonk has helped us grow in ways that would never be possible without their help. Their expertise in every step of the fulfillment process – from inventory management to packaging and shipping – has been, and continues to be, invaluable.
Dorian Wagner
Founder of CatLadyBox
ShipMonk has been such an instrumental part in making my growing business a success. For someone who has never worked with a fulfillment center, ShipMonk really walked me through the entire process with transparency. They are responsive, timely and dedicated to making my company look good. They also understand the startup world which is a big plus. I really enjoy working the them!
Founder at Curls Understood
ShipMonk has been a great partner for my business. They are attentive, helpful, and understand the needs of a growing eCommerce business. They are consistently making an effort to streamline processes to make it easier for the businesses they work with. BuddhiBox is looking forward to growing alongside them in the years to come.
Maxine Garcia
Founder at BuddhiBox