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Shipping 101 - Your Guide for Ecommerce Shipping

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    Shipping is just as important to the day-to-day operation of your brand as it is to customer experience. However, there are so many layers to this area of ecommerce it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why ShipMonk created this amazing guide. With the entrepreneur in mind, our shipping experts have put together this ebook to teach business owners the key areas of domestic shipping, international shipping, shipping strategy, and additional shipping insights. Overall, you’ll feel more confident in your shipping acumen with this five-part guide to the world of ecommerce shipping.

    In This Ebook, We’ll:

    Take a Look at the Major Shipping Carriers
    Examine Different Factors That Affect Shipping Costs
    Explore International Shipping Options and Solutions
    Learn How to Keep Track of Your Shipments and Keep Them Safe
    Share Key Shipping Solutions That Can Benefit Your Business

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    Shipping Carriers and Services

    In the shipping industry there are many competitors that bring a variety of services and rates to the table. The main players are USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. In general, for a brand to reach maximum success you don’t want to necessarily limit yourself to one option. To learn what would benefit your brand the most, delve into the highlights of each shipping carrier and other basic shipping info.

    Shipping Costs

    Even once you’ve decided on a shipping carrier and shipping service, the cost to send packages can vary greatly. To begin, your shipment will have a base rate, which may increase depending on surcharges. From there, the key areas that impact shipping rates include weight, shipping zones, and the speed you want your package delivered. Delve into all these topics and conquer the complexities of shipping costs yourself.

    International Shipping

    One of the hardest things to overcome when trying to grow your ecommerce brand across the globe is the headaches (even heartaches) that international shipping causes. Never fear; ShipMonk is here to enlighten you on this area of ecommerce. Discover the differences between DDP shipping and DDU shipping, and how to overcome the challenges customs and tariffs pose to companies abroad.

    Tracking Shipments

    Having a great product is key to ecommerce success, but so is making sure it gets to customers safely. In order to protect your inventory and customer experience, it’s vital that you understand the key components of keeping your orders safe when en route, tracking them as they travel, and meanings behind different delivery status notifications.

    Simple Shipping Solutions

    With so many literal and figurative moving parts to factor into your shipping strategy, it can be a lot to handle. Luckily, we have the perfect solution. Three words: Virtual Carrier Network. This shipping solution, combined with our tips and tricks, is the perfect way to round out your ecommerce shipping education.