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Shipping for Dummies 101

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    Shipping is crucial to ecommerce brands because it is a vital part of the customer experience. Offering fast and reliable shipping can differentiate you from your competition and build customer loyalty. Our 16-page guide will give you proven shipping tips, tricks, and tactics to help manage your shipping to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure that you provide your customers with the best possible experience!

    In this guide, you’ll:

    • Learn about the intricacies of domestic & international shipping and the differences between them.
    • Discover the different options you have when setting up shipping options on your ecommerce stores.
    • Learn some tips and tricks to help optimize your shipping.

    What’s Inside

    Domestic Shipping

    We’ll get started with the basics of domestic shipping. Learn about Shipping Zones, the most popular Shipping Carriers, dimensional weight, the claims process, and things to know about tracking your shipments.

    International Shipping

    Learn more about going global; shipping internationally can help a brand expand its customer base and increase sales and revenue. We’ll give you an overview of the various international shipping carriers, explain the complex nature of duties and customs, and provide tips on limiting your risk of international fraud.

    Setting up Shipping Methods for your Store

    Setting up your ecommerce store’s shipping is part art and part science. Within the eBook, we’ve laid out some of the standard methodologies that brands use to optimize conversion rates while minimizing the cost of shipping.

    Tips & Tricks

    We’ll finish with some final insights on the best ways to make your way from shipping zero to shipping hero.

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