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What happens when traditional Eastern medicine packs a modern punch? Meet Saranghae, the K-beauty (aka Korean beauty) company revolutionizing skincare by infusing homemade charm into efficient, sustainable formulas. With a growing range of products and plans for world domination, Saranghae shows no signs of slowing down — and ShipMonk is there to help every step of the way.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Peter B. Lee
Health & Beauty

Saranghae’s Story

Saranghae’s love story is one for the ages — literally! Inspired by ancient Eastern medicine, Peter B. Lee’s mother would spend hours in their apartment kitchen, concocting potent creams and lotions that became known to soothe burns and heal wounds. When K-beauty took the world by storm just a few years ago, Peter B. Lee saw the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into the family business.

The problem? A nonstop stream of product releases geared towards a mostly younger audience, which inevitably left many mature shoppers lost in the shuffle. The solution? Tried-and-true homemade formulas that could withstand the test of time and, most importantly, deliver results for a more sophisticated crowd.

By targeting this untapped niche, Peter was able to overcome the barriers of the heavily saturated skincare market and develop a brand that truly stood out. As Saranghae grew more successful, there was just one obstacle left to conquer — developing a kickass fulfillment strategy. After being down on his luck with a previous 3PL that was far too small to cater to Saranghae’s big dreams, Peter stumbled upon ShipMonk.

Falling back on his engineering background, Peter was characteristically meticulous in his search for the perfect 3PL. The ShipMonk team quickly grew accustomed to answering 30 calls a day (you read that right!), which covered everything from hypotheticals to spotting software bugs. Taking it a step further, Peter would also simulate the fulfillment experience by ordering and returning products as if he were a customer. His thoroughness, and our willingness to help, certainly paid off when ShipMonk and Saranghae “tied the knot” in 2019.

Ever since partnering with ShipMonk, Saranghae has seen immediate, tangible benefits. For one, orders are now shipping better, faster, and cheaper. “We were able to cut down our average shipping time by at least 2 days, courtesy of ShipMonk’s different warehouse locations.” In addition to speedy deliveries and happier customers, the Saranghae team also found themselves happier, as their new tools have made day-to-day operations a breeze.

“The real time billing system gives us an idea of our per-order cost immediately, which helps us understand campaign effectiveness and provides warning of any potential issues. Troubleshooting has been easier and faster than before.”

The team was also pleasantly surprised by ShipMonk’s inventory management capabilities. “The one thing we didn’t expect, but which gives us huge efficiency, is the way ShipMonk routes new SKU bundles in the system. It allows us to create any combination in our order management system and simply auto-map it to ShipMonk. Before, every new SKU creation would mean training, setup time, and rampant errors as packers accustomed themselves with the new SKU. Now, we can create new bundles and offers on the fly without worrying about downstream effects.”

So, is ShipMonk a hit or a miss? According to Peter, “I would absolutely recommend ShipMonk to others with absolute confidence. We now have full control of the minute details of every order, as well as great support and response time.” We would say we’re excited for this happy ending, but it’s only the beginning! Growth is the name of the game and we’re here to help you “Stress Less, Grow More!”

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“I would absolutely recommend ShipMonk to others with absolute confidence.”
Peter B. Lee
President & CEO of Saranghae


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