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Boundless Features

We approach fulfillment with the mindset of redefining the entire industry.


Technology + Logistics

We’re not the first order fulfillment company to help business owners save time and money. But we are the first to bring a transformative technology to the fulfillment industry. Most fulfillment companies use either 3rd party software or a basic software they’ve developed themselves, but none have approached the marketplace with the mindset of redefining the industry entirely. Our software was developed to help business owners easily manage their supply chain and take a proactive approach to inventory management and fulfillment, specifically so that everyday challenges never slow down growth.

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Personal attention

We realize that startups and small businesses require special attention. Why? It wasn't long ago that we considered ourselves a startup. In fact, we're still a startup at heart, and we pride ourselves on offering our clients a level of personal attention and flexibility that only small businesses can provide. That's exactly why we created Happiness Engineers. Each and every ShipMonk client will be assigned a dedicated Happiness Engineer to welcomes them from the start and will always be there to answer any questions or concerns regarding their account. We don't believe in call centers or redirecting clients to senseless automated recordings. That's why the only numbers on our business cards are our personal cell phone numbers. Call, text, message us on LinkedIn – do whatever is easiest for you to contact us.


Value beyond expectations

Your time is valuable, so taking weeks to learn a software that barely meets your needs is unacceptable. Onboarding with ShipMonk is a breeze and within days, you’ll be creating products and receiving, mapping SKUs and tracking customers' orders from anywhere in the world. You’ll also have the option to receive daily reports for out-of-stock products, invalid addresses, invalid shipping methods, and any other important updates that require your attention.

Keepin' it simple

At our core, we’re down-to-earth people with a genuine passion for growing our clients’ businesses, and we deliver first-rate fulfillment services because we see our customers as our partners in business: If you grow, we grow. We also realized that, in order to facilitate growth for our customers, we needed to take our commitment to another level and leverage our network of business mavericks and mavens for the entire ShipMonk community. In addition to making sure that the expert advice you get from our Happiness Engineers on how to optimize your logistics is cutting-edge, we’re dedicated to publishing content that we know you’ll find valuable in growing your business.


Don't take our word for it.
Using ShipMonk has enabled us to focus on the stuff that matters. We get very personalized service and great treatment in all areas of the business.
Jacques Touillon
Founder & CEO at Airboxlab
ShipMonk has helped us grow in ways that would never be possible without their help. Their expertise in every step of the fulfillment process – from inventory management to packaging and shipping – has been, and continues to be, invaluable.
Dorian Wagner
Founder of CatLadyBox
Shipmonk has been absolutely incredible to work with! They are available 24/7 to answer questions and have bent over backwards to help make our customers happy. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
Katherine Krug
Founder at BetterBack
ShipMonk has been such an instrumental part in making my growing business a success. For someone who has never worked with a fulfillment center, ShipMonk really walked me through the entire process with transparency. They are responsive, timely and dedicated to making my company look good. They also understand the startup world which is a big plus. I really enjoy working the them!
Nicholas & Alessia Galekovic
Founders of BEARD KING