Pick a Card, Any Card: Peak Season Predictions

Well, look at that! It seems like fate has brought us together with a few clicks and a sparkle of pixelated magic. With peak season 2021 rapidly approaching, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help (and advice) from the Great Beyond… and that’s just what we’re here to do!

If this is your first time rockin’ and rollin’ with the divinatory arts, fear not. We’re only summoning the nicest box spirits and tape fairies. Take a deep breath, choose your pile (no peeking!), and enjoy your predictions fresh out of the cosmic oven.

Pile 1

Woah! Let’s just say peak season 2021 will be a major turning point for you. Success is in the cards, but there’s also a strong message about balance and fairness. Basically, the road to the destination is as important as the destination itself. Take a calm and measured approach in everything you do, and be prepared for potential obstacles and bottlenecks. 

The big thing here is to have your affairs in order and be on top of your game. We’re all limited by the resources available to us, but, throughout the roller coaster that is life, we need to make sure we continue to stay grounded. 

Sagittarius season, which will run from 11/23 to 12/21 this year, might be particularly noteworthy.

Pile 2

9 of Pentacles again! Like Pile 1, it looks like you’re also in for a bout of independence and financial stability, Pile 2. While your peak season 2021 is feeling a little quieter, celebrations are still underway. Maybe you’ll finish a crucial task, reach a milestone that was a long time coming, or make a couple of lasting connections within your industry.

Aside from that, there is a message about moving to more tranquil waters after a period of stress and unease. This transition may or may not be ushered in by other people, but, regardless, you’re going to come out feeling refreshed and reinvigorated — just trust the process and follow your intuition.

Pile 3

Feeling a little listless? Losing passion for your passion projects? Just as the moon waxes and wanes, it’s totally normal for your moods and goals to change over time. Use peak season 2021 to reassess your priorities and track your progress. Are you heading down the right path? If not, what would make you feel truly fulfilled?

Your hard work may be getting recognized to some capacity, and/or you might be teaming up with like-minded people to collaborate on something significant. As a result of this, you’ll encounter a new opportunity which could serve as the antidote to the concerns you were facing earlier. 

Pile 4

We know what you’re thinking, but don’t panic! The Devil is almost never as bad as it sounds. This is a card that can talk about a lot of things, like feeling stuck, becoming overly dependent on others, or getting too fixated on the material world. Whatever your situation is, remember to bring balance back into your life, especially in the emotional realm.

During peak season, you might be reconciling with old ideas or partners, or even attempting to incorporate a more lighthearted approach into your day-to-day operations. The Strength card suggests that this is an ideal time to build a strong foundation, so get to planting and don’t forget to tend to the rest of your garden!

In terms of timing, Capricorn season (from 12/22 to 1/20) could be significant. You might also have some sort of recurring circumstance that starts in the winter and culminates in the summer. 

With so many people navigating similar experiences, it’s no wonder that these messages had commonalities! All in all, it seems like peak season 2021 will be thought-provoking to say the least. We hope this was helpful, and see ya on the other side! 🔮

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